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Toyota Motor Europe announces executive appointments at its European headquarters and affiliates for January 1, 2016

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) today announced several executive level appointments at its European headquarters, at two of its European manufacturing plants Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, and at its wholly-owned distributors Toyota Denmark, Toyota Baltics, and Toyota Central Europe.

These changes follow Toyota’s executive and management rotations that take place regularly at global, pan-European and national levels.

Toyota Motor Europe would like to thank particularly the long-serving executives who are retiring or leaving the company for their contributions to the development of Toyota in Europe during the course of their career.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP)

Mr Eiji Takeichi, VP, Strategic Production Planning & Production Control and Logistics, TME, will be appointed President, TMMP. Mr Takeichi will succeed Mr Carl Klemm, who will retire after a 25-year career at Toyota.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT)

Mr Hiroshi Kato, Lead Coordinating Executive and Vice President, Manufacturing Management, TMMT, will be appointed President and CEO, TMMT. Mr Kato will succeed Mr Orhan Ozer, who will be pursuing other opportunities outside Toyota after a 20-year career with the company.

Toyota Denmark (TDK)

Mr Frank Okoisor, Director, Product Management, Product Planning, Toyota Motor Europe (TME), will be appointed President, TDK. Mr Okoisor will succeed Mr Kristian Krapper, who will be pursuing other opportunities outside Toyota after a 25-year career with the company.

Toyota Baltics (TBA)

Mr Kari Skogster, President, Toyota Finland, will be dually assigned as President, TBA.

Toyota Central Europe (TCE)

Mr Jacek Pawlak, President, Toyota Motor Poland, will be dually assigned as President, TCE. Mr Pawlak will succeed Mr Shingo Kato, who will continue his career at Toyota Financial Services in Japan.

Toyota Motor Europe (TME)

  • Mr Kenichiro Makino, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), will be appointed Chief Financial Officer, TME. Mr Makino will succeed Mr Takao Gonno, who will be returning to TMC in Japan.
  • Mr Yoshiaki Ito, Toyota Motor Corporation, will be appointed Vice President, Corporate and Business Planning, TME. Mr Ito will succeed Mr Yasunobu Seki, who will be returning to TMC in Japan.
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