Toyota opens Toyota Technical Training Institute in India

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced that Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (TKM) opened the Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI), a technical training school for middle school graduates, in Bangalore, India, today.

TTTI was established to give Indian youths who have the ability, but face difficulties in continuing onto high school because of economic or other reasons, a chance to learn specialized manufacturing skills. TTTI instruction will center on four technical-skill courses: painting, welding, automobile assembly and mechatronics. The three-year curriculum will include academic classes on engineering and practical training at TKM. All students will live in a dormitory and be exempt from paying entrance fees and tuition. An admissions test was held in early June of this year, with 64 students being accepted.

The institute's opening was marked by a ceremony attended by C.N. Seetharam, commissioner for labor and employment for the state of Karnataka, and Yasukuni Enoki, Japanese ambassador to India, as well as TMC Executive Vice President Mitsuo Kinoshita and TKM President Atsushi Toyoshima. At the ceremony, Kinoshita spoke about his hopes for the school and students, saying: "I am confident that the establishment of TTTI will contribute to the betterment of Indian society by cultivating the power of the nation's youth. I hope that you, as students, will devote your energy toward developing yourselves, that you will be ambitious and dream big, and that, eventually, you will play an important role in India's manufacturing industry."

Outline of TTTI

School name Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI)
Establishment August 1, 2007
Location Bangalore District, Karnataka State (on grounds of TKM)
Land area 48,726 sq. m. (including TTTI, dormitory and outdoor facilities)
Building area 1,851 sq. m.
Dean of institute V. Ramamurthy
Number of staff members 25 (17 teaching staff members and 8 non-teaching staff members)
Courses Painting, welding, automobile assembly, mechatronics
Number of students Approx. 60 per grade (total of approx. 180 across three academic years)

Contact: Paul Nolasco/Tomomi Imai 03-3817-9161/9150