Toyota to adjust retail prices on select vehicles in Japan

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces changes to its suggested retail prices for certain commercial and hybrid vehicles sold in Japan, effective September 1, 2008.

Until now, TMC has countered soaring prices of raw materials such as steel, rare metals and crude oil through stringent cost reduction efforts carried out along with affiliated companies. This has allowed TMC to avoid increasing retail prices of vehicles in Japan. However, recent further price increases in raw materials have been larger than TMC's cost reduction efforts are able to offset, and with prices expected to remain high, TMC has decided to adjust its suggested retail prices for commercial and hybrid vehicles, which use large amounts of either steel or rare metals.

The suggested retail prices for commercial vehicles are to increase by an average of 2%, or 29,100 yen per vehicle, and for hybrid vehicles by an average 3%, or 76,800 yen per vehicle. The new prices for the main grade of each vehicle are listed below.

TMC's New Suggested Retail Prices

(Prices for Hokkaido and Okinawa differ unit: yen)

Commercialvehicles Vehicle name Main grades New suggestedretail price(includesconsumption tax) Amount ofincrease(percentage ofchange)
Dyna/Toyoace(2-ton version) 2.0-liter standard deckwith "Full-Just-Low" floor 3,288,600 105,000 (3.3%)
Dyna/Toyoace(1-ton version) 1.5-liter long deck with"Just-Low" wood floor 2,628,150 47,250 (1.8%)
Quick Delivery 200 3-door, 2-passenger type 5,546,100 157,500 (2.9%)
Coaster Long body, high roof,29-seater LX 5,647,950 157,500 (2.9%)
Hiace/Regius Ace 3.0-liter, 4-door,3/6-seater DX 2,428,650 24,150 (1.0%)
Probox Van 1.5-liter DX ComfortPackage 1,321,950 13,650 (1.0%)
Succeed Van 1.5-liter UL 1,445,850 14,700 (1.0%)
Hybridvehicles Prius S 2,383,500 73,500 (3.0%)
Harrier Hybrid Premium S Package 4,756,500 136,500 (3.0%)

Note: Prices listed do not include recycling fees.