Glock: top safety technologies on cars a "no-brainer"

When you're regularly hitting 300 km/h on the track, top vehicle safety is a "no-brainer" says Toyota F1 Driver Timo Glock, who will join a host of celebrity drivers to demonstrate the life-saving potential of Europe's latest safety technologies at next week's "eSafety Challenge" in Vallelunga, Italy. The two-day programme of technology demonstrations and panel debates forms part of a wider EU campaign to ensure that more drivers experience the benefits of advanced safety technologies. The e-safety Challenge kicks off on Tuesday, 8 September.

'Using eSafety technologies needs to become as intuitive as putting on a seat belt', says Glock. Professional drivers are in the luxurious position of being supported by a team of experts who adopt nothing less than a no-compromise approach to safety. Everyday drivers should have the same peace of mind. My advice: ensure that your next car comes equipped with these technologies and learn how to use them.'

Glock will demonstrate Toyota's Pre-crash Safety System on the new Prius. The system uses millimetre-wave radar to detect obstacles on the road ahead and warns the driver if it detects there is strong possibility of a collision. If the driver does not take corrective action, the system automatically engages the brakes to reduce the speed of collision and limit the risk of serious injury and damage.

eSafety is a generic term used to describe intelligent vehicle technologies that provide vital information and warnings to drivers to help prevent dangerous road situations and accidents from occurring. The systems are designed to protect the safety of vehicle occupants by helping drivers make the right decisions and remain in control of their vehicle by informing, advising and alerting the driver about dangerous situations.

Toyota is a founding member of the "eSafetyAware!" platform, a pan-European initiative promoting life-saving technologies to consumers. The eSafety Challenge is hosted by Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI) with support from eSafetyAware!, the European Commission and Euro NCAP.

Glock will demonstrate the capability of Toyota's Pre-crash Safety System on the new Prius at 15:00 on Tuesday, 8 September 2009 at ACI Vallelunga. Also on display will be Toyota's Safety Challenge truck, where guests can meet Toyota's top safety experts and learn about the latest industry and company developments in vehicle safety technology.