Toyota and Galp Energia signed partnership for road-trial of PHV in Portugal

Toyota Caetano Portugal (TCAP) and the Portuguese energy company Galp Energia announced today their partnership to run a road-trial of five Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHV) in Portuguese cities for three years as from June 2010. This project is part of Toyota's pan-European PHV limited lease programme that will involve over 150 vehicles on European roads. Based on Toyota's full hybrid technology, PHV are equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery extending the vehicle's range in electric vehicle mode allowing for zero-emissions driving.

The announcement was made today in Vila Nova de Gaia during a public event where Mr. Tadashi Arashima, TME President and CEO, Mr. José Ramos, TCAP Vice-President and Mr. Gomes da Silva, Galp Energia Executive Director, signed a Letter of Intent to mark the start of their partnership.

"Together with Toyota Motor Europe we are delighted to welcome Galp Energia as our partner for this PHV demonstration in Portugal", said José Ramos, TCAP Vice-President. "We often say that the PHV reflects 'the best of both worlds': it enhances the benefits of Toyota's full hybrid technology, while stepping over the constraints historically linked with electric vehicles. Now we have the opportunity to demonstrate this with five PHVs under demanding real-life conditions in Portugal."

"It's an honour for Galp Energia to be a part in one of the most significant partnerships in the future of hybrid technology. It is most natural for an integrated energy company as ours to help develop and test the PHV, which represents an important step for sustainable mobility", said Mr Gomes da Silva, Galp Energia Executive Director.

The trial will assess the vehicle's performance in urban driving conditions while also gathering information about the experience of drivers and passengers. This includes an understanding of their habits and preferences when recharging the vehicle — either at home, using a standard electrical point, or at charging points at vehicle fleet depots and elsewhere.

Galp Energia is the leading company in oil distribution in Portugal, with more than 870 service stations in Portugal, 630 abroad and with a growing power generation portfolio, being part of the government taskforce to implement a national electrical charging infrastructures network. By integrating this international PHV leasing programme Galp Energia aims to test and develop its technology and study consumer needs, being part of Toyota global pilot.

Toyota's PHV adds an extended electric driving mode to the proven benefits of Toyota's full hybrid technology: low CO2, exceptional fuel efficiency, seamless acceleration and quiet driving. The PHV can be driven as an electric vehicle for shorter distances or city commutes, while for long-distance journeys it operates as a full hybrid with its petrol engine serving as both a power source and battery generator when required. The battery is charged during driving, deceleration or braking, or by connecting its plug to a standard electrical point at home or at work.

Toyota will deploy over 500 new PHVs globally in Japan, Europe and the US as from the end of 2009. In Europe, more than 150 vehicles will be provided to selected users in France, UK, Portugal and several other countries.

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