TMC President Akio Toyoda visits Toyota facilities in Belgium and names European Chief Quality Officer

• Visited a local retailer to talk to the customers, before discussing the technique for accelerator pedal repair with the technician

• Addressed assembled members of Toyota’s European operations and Suppliers

• Didier Leroy is named as Chief Quality Officer for Europe

An impromptu visit, Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation today visited a number of Toyota facilities in Belgium. His schedule included a visit to the local retailer, Toyota City, and to the European headquarters of Toyota.

On a trip to Europe to show his appreciation for the team efforts during the recent tumultuous times Mr Toyoda said to the assembled members at TME “All of you have proved that our people truly are our greatest asset”.

During the visit Mr Toyoda shared both his thoughts on the recent quality problems, and his expectations for Toyota’s European operations. In recognising Europe as a crucial strategic battleground for Toyota, Mr Toyoda encouraged the reawakening of the “passion for designing, manufacturing and marketing automobiles”.

He also reinforced his commitment to regaining customer confidence in Toyota’s products and in the company.

The address was concluded with the formal announcement that Didier Leroy, EVP, TME would assume the post of Chief Quality Officer in Europe.