Return to overview toyota stickerfix™ - an automotive industry first do-it-yourself vehicle cosmetic repair and protect product

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) announced today the launch of Toyota stickerfix&trade, a new do-it-yourself vehicle cosmetic repair product for minor scrapes and scratches. The latest product in Toyota's car care range has been designed for Toyota owners to repair those unavoidable small paintwork damages in just a few minutes without tools or specialist knowledge. It can also be used to give added protection to vulnerable parts of the bodywork, such as door edges.Toyota stickerfix&trade comes in A5-sized sheets of high-tech adhesive film, pre-cut into 33 different shapes and sizes. Minor paintwork repairs can be achieved through three easy steps:

  • Clean — make sure the area of application is clean
  • Stick — affix the adhesive film to the desired area
  • Smooth — gently smooth out the area to give it a shiny new look

Every colour on offer with Toyota stickerfix&trade is matched to Toyota's master plates to ensure the best possible match, and covers the entire colour range for Toyota vehicles in Europe. A new Toyota stickerfix&trade solution will be available with every new colour introduced to the range.

As a Toyota Genuine Accessory, this exciting new product has been exhaustively tested through Toyota's rigorous testing standards to guarantee durability, including exposure to ultra-violet (UV) radiation, extreme heat and cold, carwash abrasion and spilt fuel.

Toyota stickerfix&trade compliments other products in the Toyota Genuine Car Care range with products from easy application touch up paint sticks to more professionally driven aerosol paints.

Removing the Toyota stickerfix&trade product is as simple as applying it. Customers need only apply heat to the product on their Toyota vehicles with a domestic hairdryer and lift the adhesive film away from the vehicle surface at a 90-degree angle.

Toyota stickerfix&trade is available in Toyota showrooms, as part of a protection pack for new and used Toyota vehicles, and Toyota After Sales facilities at a European Recommended Retail Price of around EUR 29.00 (excluding VAT).