TMC plans assembly of Land Cruiser Prado in Russia

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has reached a basic agreement with Vladivostok, Russia-based OOO Sollers-Bussan to conduct assembly of the "Land Cruiser Prado" four-wheel drive-vehicle in Russia.

Under the agreement, TMC is to supply parts and Sollers-Bussan is to assemble 1,000 Land Cruiser Prados a month at its plant in Vladivostok, starting in the spring of 2012. The vehicles are to be sold through the Toyota dealer network in Russia.

This arrangement would not only enable TMC to quicken the supply in Russia of the popular Land Cruiser Prado, but would also allow it to respond more flexibly to the needs of the Russian market, for which continuous growth is expected.

Under its founding philosophy of contributing to society through the manufacture of automobiles, TMC is committed to conducting business that will contribute to expansion of the automobile industry, economic development, and employment in Russia while steadily providing high-quality products that satisfy Russian consumers and meet market needs.