Toyota Motor Europe announces reorganisation and executive nominations for january 2012

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) today announced a reorganisation of headquarters functions and executive appointments to help realise Toyota's regional ambitions in Europe. The Sales and Marketing functions will be regrouped and reinforced and the Product Planning function will be fully dedicated to the new role of global planning centre for A, B and C segment vehicles.

Daniele Schillaci, currently serving as President and CEO, Toyota France (TFR), will be assigned as Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, TME to lead the new Sales and Marketing organization.

Alain Uyttenhoven will be appointed Vice President Product Planning and concentrate the activities on future products preparation. He is currently serving as Vice President Product Planning & Marketing.

Miguel Fonseca, currently Vice President Sales Business, will be appointed Vice President Business Integration. He will study the activities necessary to pursue the reinforcement of the cooperation between TME and Toyota Financial Services.

The reinforcement of TME's organization announced today reflects two essential dimensions of Toyota's strategic direction in Europe. "Firstly, we need to be able to respond in the fastest and most efficient way to market volatility and changes in customers' expectations. This is the mission of the Sales and Marketing function. Secondly, in line with Toyota's global vision, we need to develop TME's role as planning centre for future vehicles in the A, B and C segments. It is essential to bring focus to this mission and the Product Planning division will play a key role in this integrated strategy, together with our engineers and designers" commented Didier Leroy, President and CEO, TME.

Other nominations across Toyota affiliates in Europe will take place on January 1, 2012:

  • Jacques Pieraerts, currently Vice President and COO, Toyota España (TES) will be promoted to President, TES. He succeeds Katsuhito Ohno, who will be appointed as Chairman, TES.
  • Hans-Erik Almebäck, currently Vice President, Toyota Nordics (TNRD), will be promoted to President, TNRD and Chairman of the Nordic distributors. Ichiro Ogiso, currently President, TNRD, will return to TMC in Japan. TNRD is Toyota's regional affiliate in Nordic countries, overlooking Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Baltics.
  • Jon Williams, currently Managing Director, Toyota Great Britain (TGB) will be promoted to President and Managing Director, TGB.
  • Jacek Pawlak, currently Director Sales Business, TME, will be appointed President, Toyota Motor Poland (TMPL). He succeeds Tsutomu Otsubo, who will be appointed as Chairman, TMPL.
  • Pascal Ruch, currently General Manager, Demand and Supply, SPEED (*) Division, TME, will be promoted to Director, Demand and Supply SPEED Division. He will be assigned as President and CEO of Toyota France from February 1, 2012. Note: Daniele Schillaci will keep double assignment in January 2012, and he will also be appointed chairman of TFR as from February 2012.

(*) SPEED: Sales & Production Efficiency in European Distribution

  • Marvin Cooke, currently Director Production Engineering, TME, will be promoted to Deputy Managing Director Vehicle Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK).