TMC to participate in 19th ITS World Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will host a corporate display booth at the 19th ITS1 World Congress in Vienna, Austria from October 22 through October 26, 2012.

The ITS World Congress is the world's largest ITS-related international conference. Held annually in Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the Americas on a rotating basis, the congress invites ITS-related groups (government, research bodies and commercial enterprises) from a wide range of countries and regions to use information sessions (including presentations of technical papers), exhibitions and technical tours to showcase their latest ITS research findings and products.

TMC has participated in the World Congress since it began. This year, TMC will present information on three high-priority ITS projects: vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems, energy management and urban transport systems.

With regard to vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems, TMC will present information on applications that use wireless communications enabled by systems installed in roadside infrastructure and in other vehicles to notify drivers about cars traveling in the driver's blind spot and other unseen hazards.

TMC will also present information on energy management through the exhibition of a Prius Plug-in Hybrid, a next-generation environment-friendly vehicle that has been available in Europe since August of this year, along with the results of the low-carbon society demonstration project being conducting in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, as well as future initiatives.

In addition, TMC will for the first time at the World Congress exhibit concepts and specific software applications in the area of urban transport systems.

In October of next year, the 20th ITS World Congress2 will be held in Tokyo, Japan. TMC plans to use exhibits, sessions and test rides to introduce the vision of a future society where people can travel in cars safely and securely and where homes, vehicles and information systems are linked. TMC seeks to create such a society based on the concept of being "rewarded with a smile by exceeding your expectations", a key idea from the Toyota Global Vision.

The 19th ITS World Congress on Toyota's Official Website:

Detailed information is available on the aforementioned websites. Photographs from the conference will also be posted.

1Organized and operated by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology for the World Congress on ITS "ITS" stands for "intelligent transportation systems" and refers to systems that use cutting-edge information and communications technologies to link people, roads, and vehicles, with the aim of enhanced safety and comfort and of improving traffic flow.

2Opening ceremony to be held October 14, 2013 at the Tokyo International Forum. Information sessions, exhibitions, and the closing ceremony will be conducted between October 15 to 18, 2013 at the Tokyo Big Sight. Hosted by the Japan Organizing Committee of ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013