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Toyota celebrates start of new Auris production at Burnaston, UK

  • Toyota hosts ceremony at its Burnaston factory to mark start of production of new Auris and welcome future production of the Auris Touring Sports model
  • New Auris is a strategically important core model for Toyota in the European family car market
  • Event attended by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, who welcomed Toyota's on-going investment in British manufacturing
  • Toyota has invested around GBP 185 million (or approximately EUR 230 million) in its UK manufacturing and supply chain for new Auris, a project that has already seen 800 workers recruited, all of whom have been offered Toyota production apprenticeships
  • Didier Leroy, President and CEO Toyota Motor Europe, reaffirms Toyota's commitment to building cars in the UK on the 20th anniversary of Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK)

Toyota's proud record of manufacturing in the UK reached another landmark today with the official start of production of the all-new Auris at its Burnaston factory. Dr. Vince Cable, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, welcomed Toyota's continued investment in its UK operations, which will also see new Auris Touring Sports estate car built at the plant from next year.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "I'm delighted to be here again in Burnaston today to mark the start of production of the latest Auris. It marks another significant milestone as Toyota celebrates 20 years of manufacturing here in the UK. Toyota's £185 million investment is good news for the UK supply chain and helping to improve skills and training. 800 workers have already been recruited and offered Toyota production apprenticeships.

"The automotive industry is one of strategic national importance to the UK. The Automotive Council demonstrates how Government and business can work together to help promote manufacturing and growth. We want to develop this sort of partnership in more key sectors as part of our industrial strategy."

Didier Leroy, President and CEO Toyota Motor Europe, emphasised the importance of the UK in the company's strategy for vehicle and engine production in Europe. He said: "Toyota chose the UK as the location for its first manufacturing centre in Europe 20 years ago and has regularly made significant investments to develop TMUK's operations and expand their capabilities.

"New Auris is at the heart of our European strategy and we expect it to strengthen our sales performance in the family car market. It is a unique proposition in its segment in being offered with petrol, diesel and full hybrid power in both the hatchback and new Touring Sports estate versions.

"Our TMUK members at Burnaston and at the Deeside engine plant continue to demonstrate they can deliver the superior quality and efficiency that are vital for building our presence in a highly competitive marketplace. With the benefit of our investment in new Auris, we are pleased that we are increasing our TMUK workforce and generating further new jobs among our suppliers."

The decision to build the new Auris hatchback and Touring Sports estate car at TMUK has been supported by Toyota's investment of around GBP 185 million (or approximately EUR 230 million) - about GBP 85 million (or EUR 105 million) of which was allocated to the supply chain. This takes Toyota's UK investment total to more than GBP 2.1 billion (or EUR 2.6 billion) since it launched its operations here in 1992. The project is also boosting employment and already 800 temporary workers have been recruited by TMUK. Notably all of these have been offered Toyota production apprenticeships.

Tony Walker, TMUK Deputy Managing Director, said: "This is a great day for TMUK. The start of new Auris production at Burnaston is a testament to the on-going achievements of our members in helping create one of the finest vehicle manufacturing centres in the world. Toyota's investment in our operations is a fantastic vote of confidence of what we can deliver, not just at TMUK, but within the wider British manufacturing sector too.

"Where our members are concerned, I am proud that we are demonstrating our commitment to skills development by offering all those we have recruited so far the opportunity to study a Toyota apprenticeship, something we regard as great step forward for the motor industry."

New Auris and Auris Touring Sports are being built at Burnaston alongside the Avensis and Avensis Tourer. They are the latest models to be produced at the site, where more than 3.25 million cars have been built since operations began in 1992. The majority of the vehicles built by TMUK are exported to Europe, as will be the case with the new Auris.

Petrol, diesel and full hybrid versions of new Auris and Auris Touring Sports will be manufactured, building on Burnaston's status as the first auto factory in Europe to build a mainstream hybrid vehicle — Auris Hybrid in 2010. Some of the engines used in new Auris, notably the 1.8-litre unit featured in the hybrid model, will be supplied by Deeside. As one of Toyota's flagship eco-factories, Burnaston continues to implement effective environmental measures that have significantly reduced emissions, waste and energy usage in its operations.