TMC world premieres new vehicles and concepts at Shanghai Auto Show

Shanghai, China, April 20, 2013—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) unveiled the new "Yaris" hatchback here today at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, which will run from today through April 291. The new Yaris and the new "Vios" sedan—also on display—are production versions of global-strategic concept models that TMC first displayed at last year's Beijing Motor Show. Production and sales in China of both vehicles are scheduled to start at the end of this year.

Two world premiere concepts—to be sold exclusively in China—are also on display at the show: the "Yundong Shuangqing II"2, a concept equipped with a hybrid system currently under development at the Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd. RandD Center in Changshu, China, and the "Toyota FT-HT Yuejia" 3, a six-seater concept developed to appeal to young Chinese consumers.

The Toyota-brand booth at this year's Shanghai Motor Show is its largest ever, with an area of approximately 4,600 square meters and a record total of 52 production vehicles and concepts on display.

At a press conference during the exhibition, TMC Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada reflected on Toyota's history in China: "Toyota exported its first 'Toyota Crown' to China in 1964. Since then, for 50 years, Toyota has constantly interacted with its Chinese customers and partners and pondered deeply about what it should do to be of service to the country of China." Uchiyamada went on to remark that Toyota began production of the Prius in China in 2005, which was the first time the Prius was produced outside of Japan. Uchiyamada closed by reaffirming Toyota's continued commitment to China: "Over the next 50 years, we, as the 'China Toyota' firmly rooted in this country, will work closely together and do our best to be of service to the development of China, to local society and to our customers."

TMC aims to continue producing ever-better cars—ranging from environment-friendly vehicles to specially equipped vehicles to sports cars—to meet the needs of a broad range of vehicle users in China.

Overview of 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition


Shanghai New International Expo Center


April 20—29 (Press day is April 20)

Exhibit area

Approx. 4,600 square meters (largest ever)



52 (including a record three world premieres)

Main Display Vehicles


World premieres



Global strategic compact hatchback


Yundong Shuangqing II


Concept hybrid vehicle exclusive to China


Toyota FT-HT Yuejia


Concept six-seater concept designed for younger generation


Specially equipped

- Hiace Welcab- Alphard Welcab- Others



- 86- AE86- Camatte- FCV-R- FT-86 Open concept- FT-EV III- TOYOTA NS4- Prius Plug-in Hybrid- RAV4- TS030 Hybrid- Vios (global strategic compact sedan)



1Press day: April 20 trade days: April 21 - 22 public days: April 23 - April 29

2Yúndòng (written as "云动") is a coined term in Mandarin Chinese which suggests "movement upon clouds" and is Toyota's current corporate slogan in China. The slogan is meant to convey an image of innovation, dynamism and eco-friendliness shuāngqíng (written as "双擎") is a coined term which suggests "dual support" and signifies the two power sources of the gasoline-electric hybrid system.

3Yuèjiā (written as "悦佳") is a coined term in Mandarin Chinese which suggests "happy family".