Geneva, Switzerland,

2016 Geneva MS - Toyota On-Stand Press Conference

Dr. Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO, Toyota Motor Europe

Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Europe

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,

And welcome to Toyota.

Today, we are 61 days into the new year. A good time to briefly look back at 2015.

In spite of challenging circumstances, we achieved our targets.

In the East, we maintained our market share of 7.7%, in a very unstable environment. So Russia remains one of our highest volume markets, in spite of the depreciation of the Rouble,

while Lexus set an all time record there in 2015.

In the West, we increased sales by 9.5%.

And we did so in a profitable way. In fact, in the first nine months of our fiscal year, the operating profit was around 380 milion Euro, despite the though situation in the Eastern markets

We achieved these results, because we dare to be different:

  • Different because we do not chase volume at any cost,
  • Different because of our absolute focus on customer satisfaction,
  • And different because of our total commitment to Hybrid.

We were also pleased to confirm the growing importance of our locally produced models. In 2015,

70 % of Toyotas sold in Europe, were produced in Europe, a 6 percentage point increase.

And as I just mentioned, Hybrid is at the core of our strategy. We sold nearly 210.000 hybrids last year, 20% more than in 2014. Here in Western Europe, hybrids now represent 1/3 of our sales.

The fact that hybrid gains popularity in spite of falling fuel prices, shows that customers prefer them not only for their fuel economy. They appreciate the low cost of ownership, and the benefits of an electric drivetrain, without range anxiety. But overall, it’s the ‘feel good’ factor that makes hybrid drivers feel just a little bit special.

With this in mind, let’s now focus on 2016 and beyond.

We will continue to strive for ‘Better’: Better Cars, better Quality and better Service. Because ultimately, that is, what determines the customers’ smiles.

We also anticipate the future needs of society, by developing better mobility solutions such as the i-ROAD project in Grenoble (France) or the revolutionary Mirai fuel cell car.

It has the potential to trigger a societal transformation, and we Toyota are ready to play an important role in a movement that has the potential to change the world…

Because Mirai offers no-compromise driving: only water as emissions. Full torque and power, no compromise. Normal driving range, again no compromise.

And at the same time, we are constantly looking for ways to make driving more fun, as demonstrated here with the Kikai Concept, that lets its driver re-discover the magic of mechanics.

We also strive towards ‘always better’ safety for all, as we continue to democratize advanced safety technologies, because we genuinely care about the well-being of our customers.

Last year, Toyota Safety Sense was already available – either as standard equipment or as an affordable option on 70% of our vehicles sold. Latest by the end of 2017, that will be 100%.

Going back to ever better cars, the first new product today, is ‘Toyota Quality and Reliability’ personified: the all-New Hilux.

It is a car that is special to me, because it is built in South Africa, my home country. It is used all across the globe, in the toughest of circumstances.

Testament to this is its recent performance in the Dakar, where we finished on the podium.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The all-new Toyota Hilux!


So here it is - the toughest pick-up truck in the world, just got even tougher, thanks to:

  • a chassis that is 20% more rigid,
  • 20% more wheel travel,
  • and an even stronger cargo deck.

Paradoxically, it is also more comfortable, quieter, and has a completely upgraded interior,

with near Premium Brand levels of design and execution.

By making it easier on its driver, the new Hilux becomes an even more capable companion,

ready to tackle whatever you throw at it.

It will of course come with Toyota Safety Sense, and with a new 2.4 D-4D engine, More powerful,

more frugal, and with more torque. When it arrives in dealerships in early Summer, it will be ready

to reassume its role of segment leader. The second new vehicle that I would like to introduce,

is the Toyota PROACE VERSO.

This brand new product, developed from our cooperation with PSA, enables us to re-enter the LCV market with full strength. Customers will have a choice of over 30 different body/engine combinations, including:

  • various passenger versions,
  • long or mid wheelbase,

but also

  • an innovative short wheelbase version, bridging the gap between the classic Light Commercial Vehicle and a Car Derived Van.
  • And here on stand, we have the PROACE VERSO,

a comfortable 8-seater MPV.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The new PROACE VERSO!


The new PROACE will come with two new diesels, ranging from 95hp to 180hp, and of course with Toyota Safety Sense, which helped PROACE VERSO achieve a 5-star NCAP rating.

There will be a wide selection of genuine Toyota accessories to suit the most diverse requirements.

With the comprehensive Toyota warranty, supported by a quality Toyota dealer network, PROACE is a very compelling package for anyone relying on their van to earn a living.

But, as you can see, there is more excitement to come. For that, let me hand over to Karl Schlicht,

our EVP for Sales and Marketing.


Good morning

Dr. van Zyl already mentioned the enormous importance of hybrid to our brand.

3 examples:

  • This year, nearly 40% of all Yaris sold will be Hybrid
  • For Auris, the hybrid mix will be nearly 60%!
  • And just a few weeks ago, with our RAV4, we introduced Hybrid in the heart of the C-SUV segment- an important next step towards our vision of 50% TOTAL hybrid sales mix by 2020.

But for a few years, you have been asking, why doesn't Toyota introduce a C-Cross Over? Well we have to admit we are a little late, but - there is very good reason. We did not want to launch 'just' ANY C-Segment Cross-Over,without a knock-out design,without being able to use our latest and 1st overseas produced TNGA platform and especially, without Hybrid.

Today, we are ready to show you the result. We call it the C-HR, nickname or short for Coupe High Rider.

Ladies and Gentlemen, THE ALL NEW....TOYOTA C-HR !


This is not another concept !! This is the REAL production C-HR.

True to form, and a DESIGN BREAKTHROUGH for Toyota and the segment. A car that will change the FACE OF TOYOTA. Distinctive, evocative...and 'alive'! It is designed to appeal to an entirely new type of customer.

From the very start of the product definition, which was largely done in Europe, 2 elements were beyond question- untouchables...

- Great Design

- Best for Driving Dynamics (Steering and handling)

The Toyota C-HR appears visually bold and compact, but is (surprisingly) a spacious FULL size C-Crossover, actually only 4cm shorter than our last generation RAV4.

Here too, as you would now expect from Toyota, Toyota Safety Sense is watching over its occupants. Toyota C-HR will come with our latest 4th Gen 1.8 Hybrid powertrain and also with our Petrol 1.2 Turbo engine.

When production starts in Turkey towards the end of '16, CH-R will bring a truly unique offer to the most happening segment in the European Market.

Now, let me invite back Dr. van Zyl and also the 'fanatical breakthrough' Chief Engineer Koba-san,

on stage for photos.

Thank you!