Brussels, Belgium,

Toyota Parts Centre Europe celebrates its 25th anniversary

Largest employer in the area turns 25

Let’s go back to 1992. It was the year of the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Bill Clinton became US President and Whitney Houston topped the charts with “I will always love you”, the song from that year’s hit movie “The Bodyguard”.

It was also the year that Toyota made history in Europe. In October 1992, Toyota Parts Centre Europe (TPCE) opened in Diest (Belgium). This year TPCE celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Today, TPCE is one of Toyota Motor Europe’s largest sites of about 100,000 m2 and over 800 employees. TPCE is an important contributor to Toyota’s business in Europe and plays a crucial role in bringing a smile to our customers’ faces.

Located at the centre of gravity of Toyota’s European operations, TPCE – with a stock of parts from over 700 suppliers - is the heart of our parts supply chain.

To make the most effective supply chain, around 93% of all parts and accessories flow through TPCE. From these they continue to a network of over 3000 Toyota and Lexus dealers across Europe and even other regions like the US, Africa and Asia.

TPCE fulfils a dual role. It ships parts and accessories to the 13 regional depots and 7 independent warehouses across Europe. It also directly supplies parts to about 500 dealers in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

TPCE operates around the clock. If one of the 500 dealers in Belgium, The Netherlands or France places an order in the late afternoon, they will receive the parts by the start of business the next day.

This makes the operation one of the most complex in Toyota’s global parts supply business.

"From relatively small beginnings, TPCE has grown into a core pillar of Toyota’s European and global distribution network”, says Andy Sinton, Director Parts Supply Chain, “Much has changed in 25 years. Customers’ expectations continue to increase and we will adapt to meet their needs. The hard work of all past and current employees has created the TPCE of today. They can be very proud of what they have achieved and look forward to the next 25 years!"