Geneva, Switzerland,

TOYOTA FINE-Comfort Ride explores future possibilities for fuel cell electric vehicles

• Future premium saloon concept powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with in-wheel electric motors, allowing for zero harmful emissions driving and a range of around 1,000 km

• Powertrain allows for a spacious interior with flexible seating arrangement

• Equipped with an Agent function and a touch display that can be accessed by all occupants

• Distinctive and aerodynamically efficient diamond-shaped body that flares towards the rear

THE TOYOTA FINE-COMFORT RIDE is a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) that envisions mobility in a low-carbon society, making advanced use of hydrogen and renewable energy. It has been conceived as a “new form of premium saloon” with a flexible layout of a kind only possible in electric-powered vehicles. It can also make use of a large amount of electric power, using hy-drogen as the source of energy.

The vehicle, presented in Europe for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, offers excel-lent environmental performance, producing no CO2 or “substances of concern” (SoC) when driven. It also convenient to use, having a gen-erous cruising range and a modest hydrogen refuelling time of around three minutes.

The cabin section of the body has a diamond shape that increases in width from the front to the centre, before narrowing towards the rear. This maximises space for the second row seats and allows for an aerodynamically efficient de-sign.

The flexible cabin layout is a direct benefit of using electric power: by equipping the car with in-wheel motors rather than fitting a single motor under the hood, the wheels can be po-sitioned at the very corners of the vehicle. An underbody cover helps achieve a high level of stability and quietness levels that are appro-priate for a premium saloon.

The TOYOTA FINE-Comfort Ride embraces the idea of future mobility being more than sim-ply “a ride,” but something that can give people additional value, while moving them in a highly comfortable environment. The car is equipped with a digital assistant function and a touch display, conveniently arranged around the driver and the passenger seats so that everyone on board has easy access to information. The seats themselves have flexible adjustment to suit dif-ferent personal postures. The seating can be arranged so that TOYOTA FINE-Comfort Ride can be used as an individual space, or a place more people can use for mobility and communica-tions.

The car runs quietly and smoothly and makes full use of the high electricity generating capac-ity of its hydrogen fuel. The interior has a full range of equipment and the car can achieve of a cruising range of around 1,000 km (Japan JC08 test cycle).

It is a six-seater vehicle, measuring 4,830 mm long, 1,950 mm wide and 1,650 mm high, with a 3,450 mm wheelbase.