Brussels, Belgium,

2013 New Land Cruiser DPL: Bolder design and more refined interior quality

  • New front design featuring an evolution of the classic Land Cruiser grille and new LED headlamps
  • Intuitive, switchable dial for simple control of off-road features
  • New 4.2" colour TFT multi-information display offering a comprehensive range of vehicle information
  • Improved sensory quality throughout the cabin


External size increases to the new Land Cruiser have been kept to a minimum, safeguarding its excellent on- and off-road agility. At 4,780 mm, the new 5-door model is just 20 mm longer than its predecessor, maintaining its exceptional manoeuvrability and a minimum turning circle of just 5.8 metres.

The length of the 3-door model also increases by just 20 mm, to 4,335 mm, and its minimum turning circle remains only 5.2 metres.

The wheelbase and rear overhang lengths of both models remain the same, while new front styling increases their front overhangs by 20 mm to 915 mm. Despite this, the 32 degree off-road approach angle is unchanged. Both the 25 degree departure and 22 degree ramp breakover angles also remain identical to those of the current model, ensuring the Land Cruiser's renowned off-road abilities have not been compromised.


Exterior Design

The exterior design of successive Land Cruiser generations has combined the stylish aesthetics of a vehicle entirely at home in any environment with the robust image of durability and power expected from a genuine four-wheel drive machine.

The face of the new Land Cruiser draws on several structural elements from this unique design heritage. It combines a high-positioned face, an integrated headlamp and radiator grille structure and a vertical, two-step construction to reinforce the Toyota 4x4's toughness, reliability and outstanding off-road performance.

The newly designed radiator grille and rectilinear headlamp clusters have been integrated into a single, more powerful-looking structure, which has been positioned higher to offer increased component protection during off-road driving.

A further evolution of the classic Land Cruiser grille, the thick metallic plated structure of the new grille features five powerfully projecting vertical bars which sink directly into the front bumper, giving the perception of a larger grille and a thicker front bumper to accentuate the new Toyota's rugged appearance.

The bars feature three different, grade-dependent finishes: black (Entry), metallic plating (Legend), or a combination of metallic plating and silver paint (Prestige and Executive).

Integrating high and low beams, a front turn signal lamp and Daytime Running Lights (DRL) within a distinctive new casing, the headlamp clusters may be equipped with either halogen or LED headlamps, the latter incorporating LED DRL. Further strengthening the visual identity of the new Land Cruiser, the lamp casing interior is finished in powder-coated aluminium and black, and features 'Land Cruiser' badging above the turn signal lamp.

Incorporating new, integral fog lamps, the vertical, two-step construction of the new, over-sized front bumper design offers improved protection to the radiator grille and headlamps. Reinforcing the Land Cruiser's broad, powerful stance and go-anywhere credentials, the sharply trimmed lower section minimises the effect of the front overhang on the vehicle's off-road driving approach angle.

To the rear, new lamp clusters feature solid, clear lens blocks inset within a red-accented, powerfully three-dimensional design. As with the headlamps, the 'Land Cruiser' logo is integrated within the lamp casing.

A new, more three-dimensional license plate garnish has been widened to overlap the license plate panel. It features shaved ends to emphasise the solid, sculpted block nature of the garnish, reinforcing the new Toyota 4x4's rugged, powerful design language.

The vehicle profile is enhanced by newly designed 17" 6-spoke and 18" 12-spoke wheels, the former also available in steel.

The new Land Cruiser is available in a choice of ten body colours, including four new to the model range: Attitude Black Mica, Bronze Mica Metallic, Dark Green Mica and Dark Blue Mica.


Interior Design

While it remains a tough, go-anywhere off-roader in the long tradition of its name, the Land Cruiser is also a first class on-road vehicle which sets high standards for interior quality, comfort, flexibility, convenience and state-of-the-art technology.

The new Land Cruiser features a comprehensive interior design upgrade. It includes a new centre console upper panel, a new off- and on-road driving control switch panel, a new Optitron meter design incorporating a new 4.2" colour TFT multi-information display, enhanced dashboard and door trim and ornamentation, improved second and third row seat designs with new fabrics, and new interior colour schemes.

The robust, functional geometric dashboard design features a strong horizontal form penetrated by a prominent vertical centre console. Within the upper console, a new, brushed metal audio control panel has been located above the 7" full-colour display, accentuating the strongly three-dimensional nature of the design. Below the automatic air conditioning controls, a new switch panel offers comprehensive control of the new Land Cruiser's off- and on-road driving technology.

Central to this panel, a new, switchable dial offers simple, intuitive control of both the Multi-terrain Select system and Crawl Control speed adjustment. The dial features a knurled finish and both ring and pointer illumination for maximum clarity and useability under even extreme off-road driving conditions.

The 4WD and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system switches located either side of the new dial also feature knurling and pointer illumination, whilst the air suspension, Multi-terrain Select, Crawl Control, centre and rear differential locking switches now incorporate chrome-plated separators for enhanced visibility and ease of use.

Similarly, a revised driver's instrument binnacle incorporating new Optitron meters and a new multi-information display has been designed for maximum clarity under all working conditions. The new Optitron tachometer and speedometer combine a more three-dimensional design with new, thinner dial needles and blue illumination around the dial edges.

Located between the meters, a new 4.2" colour Thin Film Transistor (TFT) multi-information display operates in conjunction with the steering wheel-mounted multi-information switch to support the driver with a comprehensive range of vehicle information.

Fully described in the Driving Performance section, enhanced off-road driving assistance is provided by the addition of new angle gauge, traction control operation at each wheel and differential lock operation screens. In addition, the multi-information screen also features new headlamp levelling, LED headlamp, tire pressure warning, blind spot monitor and traction control OFF indicators.

Dashboard and door trim and ornamentation have been comprehensively upgraded to enhance both tactility and perceived quality. The dashboard, centre console, gear lever, steering wheel, door panels and console rear end panel feature a combination of piano black and wood grain finishes, whilst the meter rings, air conditioning panel dials, audio control panel, steering wheel ornamentation and air vent surrounds are highlighted in an aluminium finish, the latter with chrome plated knobs.

The forward folding angle of the second row seats has been increased from 33.8 degrees to 46 degrees, improving ease of entry and exit for third row seat users. Seat heating is now available for the outside second row seats, offering independent operation with two temperature levels.

The appearance of both the second and third row seats has been enhanced by the addition of double outer stitching in models equipped with Premium fabric and leather upholstery. Leather upholstery features contrast colour stitching for a more luxurious appearance.

And an automatic interior illumination off function has been added to prevent battery drain. Interior illumination is automatically turned off 20 minutes after the ignition has been turned off, regardless of the switch position or the doors being opened or closed.

The new Land Cruiser is available with a choice of two new interior colour schemes: Black and Ivory.