Brussels, Begium,

2013 the new Auris Touring Sports DPL: Full Hybrid — a compelling proposition

  • Segment's first full hybrid wagon
  • Class-leading CO2 emissions of 85 g/km, virtually no NOx and PM emissions
  • Remarkably low cost of ownership

The launch of the Auris Hybrid in 2010 made Toyota the first manufacturer to offer a choice of three powertrains in the C-segment. Since its launch, some 80,000 full hybrid versions of the Auris have been sold, making it the second most popular full hybrid in Europe, after the Prius.

The new Auris Hybrid Touring Sports' HSD powertrain features improvements to further enhance Toyota's unique, full hybrid driving experience. Especially important for those who drive daily for professional reasons, the hybrid system delivers a relaxing and stress-free driving experience helping to create a good sense of well-being.

The control logic of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system's seamless, planetary gear transmission has been modified to give a smoother, more natural feeling to vehicle acceleration, with a closer relationship between vehicle speed and engine revs.

Capable of operating both independently and in combination, the HSD system's 1.8 litre VVT-i petrol engine and electric motor generate a maximum power output of 136 DIN hp (100 kW), equipping the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 11.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 180 km/h.

Conversely, the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports returns class-leading, highly tax-efficient CO2 emissions of just 85 g/km. In addition, it generates significantly lower NOx and NO particulate (PM) emissions than diesel engined cars of comparable performance.

Moreover, when operating in a unique, switchable EV mode not available to mild hybrid vehicles, the new full hybrid generates zero CO2, NOx and PM emissions.

The Auris Hybrid Touring Sports powertrain is designed to eliminate the need for the petrol engine as often as possible during city driving. Toyota's own data show that the cumulative effect of full hybrid operation leads to high proportions of zero-emissions, EV driving.

The new Auris Hybrid Touring Sports represents outstanding value for money. CO2 emissions of 85 g/km offer customers significant, pan-European tax incentives, inner city congestion charge exemption and exceptionally low running costs. Service, maintenance and repair can be more than 50% lower than those of Diesel competitors.