Geneva, Switzerland,

2014 Toyota Geneva Motor Show: Prius Plug-in Hybrid - towards the ultimate ECO car

Building on the core technology of Toyota's renowned full hybrid powertrain, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid addresses the specific needs of urban-based customers with a significantly extended, fully-electric EV driving range of 25 km for shorter, cross-city journeys, while the hybrid powertrain's petrol engine awards the new Toyota PHEV true long range capability of over 1,000 km.

A full hybrid capable of operating in petrol and electric modes alone, as well as a combination of both, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid delivers impressive, seamless acceleration and remarkably quiet operation, while returning unparalleled fuel efficiency (2.1 l/100 km in the European homologation combined cycle) and extremely low emissions (49 g/km).

Moreover, when operating in its extended EV mode, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid generates zero CO2, NOx and particulate emissions, driving with city-crossing capability for up to 25 kilometres at speeds of up to 85 km/h, dependant on battery charge and driving conditions.

After the EV range has been expended, the full hybrid system still returns fuel consumption of only 3.7 l/100 km, and generates class-leading CO2 emissions of just 85 g/km. These figures are even lower than that of regular Prius, mainly due to the vehicle's Lithium-ion battery, which can more efficiently recover energy under braking, recharging the battery more quickly and allowing owners to drive more often in EV mode.

Weighing only 80 kg, the battery pack of 4.4 kWh can be fully recharged in 1.5 hours from a standard, 230V household outlet. And thanks to this compact battery pack, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid weighs only 55 kg more than a standard Prius.

Auris Hybrid Hatchback
Hybrid powertrain
Engine 4 in line cylinders
Fuel type 95 unleaded petrol or higher
Valve mechanism DOHC 16-valve with VVT-i
Fuel system Electronic Fuel Injection
Displacement 1,798 cm3
Compression ratio 13.0:1
Motor generator permanent magnet AC synchronous
Max. output 60 kW
Max. torque 207 Nm
Battery Lithium-ion
Max. power (system total) 136 DIN hp/100 kW @ 5200 rpm
Max. torque (petrol engine only) 142 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Main dimensions & capacities
Overall length 4,480 mm
Overall width 1,745 mm
Overall height 1,490 mm
Wheelbase 2,700 mm
Cargo capacity 443 l
Fuel tank capacity 45 l
Drag coefficient (Cd) 0,25
Max. speed 180 km/h
Acc. 0-100 km/h 11.4 s
Fuel consumption
Combined 2.1 l/100
CO2 emissions (combined cycle) 49 g/km