Brussels, Belgium,

Camry DPL 2011: Comfort, refinement and advanced features

— Comprehensive NVH measures and acoustic fine tuning for class-leading cabin quietness

— Premium comfort and convenience features including Smart Entry and Push-Start system and enhanced interior lighting

— Rear seat luxury with heated, reclining seats, independent air conditioning, audio controls and power operated sunshade

— Three-zone air conditioning with 'nanoe' air cleaning technology

— A unique range of multimedia equipment choices as well as a new, power-saving JBL 10-speaker premium sound system

Balanced Quietness

For the new Camry, Toyota engineers have adopted a new approach to Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) control, fine-tuning cabin noise levels to once again give the vehicle the class-leading quietness expected of a prestige sedan.

The road and wind noise generated when driving at high speed can make it difficult to hold a conversation without speaking loudly. However, even if sound insulation is enhanced, outside noise cannot be entirely eliminated.

So Toyota engineers have focused on creating an optimum sound 'balance' —the balance between welcome sounds, such as pleasant engine noise, and unwelcome sounds, such as those of mechanical friction. Moreover, they have concentrated on suppressing sounds that stand out, particularly noises near the frequency of human speech, making it easier for occupants to converse.

Significant quantities of new sound insulation material have been located throughout the vehicle, whilst the efficiency of existing materials has been further improved.

Key to the suppression of wind noise, the new Camry features an acoustic glass windscreen for the first time. The screen features a noise prevention film interlaid between two layers of glass, reducing high frequency wind noise. Ribs have been added to the cowl louver to smooth airflow and suppress wind noise generation. In addition, foam has been optimally applied to the roof, pillars and door openings to further reduce the transmission of wind noise into the cabin.

The partition between the engine and passenger compartments now features a sandwiched sheet steel dash panel comprising three sound and vibration absorbing layers. The adoption of a dash cross-member and dash centre brace, and the optimisation of floor panel damping coat thickness serve to tune the dash and floor panels, further suppressing resonance vibration and noise penetration.

Sound absorbing materials have been fortified around the rear wheel arches and luggage compartment to reduce road and tyre noise. Seals have been strengthened in the door rocker area, and around the entire circumference of the door trims, to improve cabin quietness. And even the breathability of the floor carpet has been adjusted to not only absorb sound but also eliminate it.


Premium Car Comfort and Convenience 

The sophistication and prestige inherent in the sensory quality and ergonomic functionality of the new Camry's enlarged interior has been further enhanced by various comfort and convenience features.



The convenience of Camry ownership is immediately apparent on a customer's first approach to the new Toyota, through a Smart Entry and Push-Start system which allows the driver to unlock the doors and start the engine simply by having the key in their pocket.

An auto-away and auto-return function has been added to vehicles with power operate steering column adjustment, making driver's seat entry and exit easier.

Interior illumination has further been enhanced. New, front and rear footwell lamps both aid entry and egress after dark, and remain gently illuminated when driving to create a relaxed, luxurious cabin atmosphere.

Night-time cabin visibility and sensory quality are further improved through the addition of front and rear inside door handle illumination, rear door switch panel lights and, mirroring the gear shift lever illumination, a rear armrest control panel light. Rear seat reading lamps are now also fitted as standard across the model range.


Rear Seat Luxury

The rear cabin of the new Toyota Camry may be equipped with a full range of comfort and convenience enhancing technology more usually associated with premium segment vehicles.

Operable from a centre armrest control panel, the left and right rear seats may be both independently reclined and heated. The control panel also incorporates a switch for temperature adjustment of the independent rear air-conditioning. Further switchgear offers full control of the vehicle's audio system. Rear doors incorporate easy-to-use pull-up sunshades, while a rear window sunshade is power operated by switches both in the front and rear of the cabin.


Three-Zone Air Conditioning with 'nanoe' Air Cleaner

The new Camry may be equipped with a three-zone air conditioning system, providing the independent driver, front passenger and rear seat temperature control appropriate to a prestige vehicle.

The air conditioning system incorporates a new 'nanoe' technology system.

This segment-first air cleaning technology operates automatically when the air conditioning is turned on. It releases 5 to 20 nm nanoe particles -negatively charged ions wrapped in water molecules- into the cabin via the driver's side dashboard air vent.

Nanoe moisture content is approximately 1,000 times that of conventional ions, and the particles have mildly acidic properties. As a result, nanoe particles have a gently moisturising effect on skin and hair, whilst creating a crisp and refreshing interior atmosphere.


Advanced Multimedia Systems

Reflecting today's highly connected society, on-board multimedia systems are in increasing demand. Placing a particularly high value on touch-screen operation, customers require a system which gives centralized control of the widest possible range of vehicle functions, as well as connectivity to external devices such as mobile phones and portable music players.

In response, the new Camry offers customers a unique range of multimedia equipment choices, from the most affordable touch-screen interface to the most sophisticated satellite navigation yet created by Toyota, as well as a new, power-saving JBL premium sound system.


Toyota Touch

Fitted as standard, Toyota Touch is a 6.1 inch, full colour, touch-screen interface which represents a new approach to on-board multimedia systems. In a choice of seven languages (including Russian), it offers a wide range of interactive functions without the added expense of an integral satellite navigation system, making it available to the widest possible range of customers.

It incorporates AM/FM radio with enhanced FM reception through the first use of two tuners and two antennae, a CD/MP3 player, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity with a music streaming facility, and a USB port for the connection of portable music players, with the facility to display iPod album cover art. In addition, a rear view camera is fitted as standard.


Toyota Touch Pro

Available as an option, Toyota Touch Pro is the most sophisticated satellite navigation system yet offered in our line-up.

The premium quality multimedia system features a high-resolution 7.0 inch touch-screen interface with a 'home' screen, at-a-glance function displaying the most relevant air-conditioning, audio and navigation information. With a choice of 20 menu and guidance languages, the system covers the whole of Europe.

It offers a comprehensive range of advanced features including voice recognition, automatic map zoom at intersections, 3D city model and landmark graphics, an on-line Points Of Interest search facility and a supplementary driver's navigational guidance head-up display.

The system also provides access to SMS messages and emails, and includes a 'text-to-speech' message readout facility.


JBL GreenEdge Premium Sound System

The new Toyota Camry may be equipped, together with the Toyota TouchPro, with a 10-speaker, JBL Matrix Premium Sound System. The system incorporates GreenEdge technology which reduces operational power requirements by up to 80% of those of a conventional on-board audio system.

The new JBL Matrix system allows owners to enjoy 5.1 matrix channel surround sound on selected CDs and DVDs.

JBL's Green-Edge technology focuses on four key design parameters to produce greater output with a minimum of input power. It offers a higher system capability with lifelike dynamics and lower transient distortion. Conventional, linear on-axis response is replaced by active sound equalisation, and the high-efficiency loudspeakers feature custom designed lenses and horns to modify directivity and increase output.

At the heart of the system is a class H JBL GreenEdge 8-channel amplifier, which is 66% smaller and lighter than comparable units. Because audio input is measured in real time, only the necessary electricity is provided to the amplification circuit. This greatly reduces heat loss, and effects a 50% reduction in current consumption.

The amplifier drives 10 highly efficient, JBL GreenEdge speakers, which generate twice the sound output power for the same amount of current. Key to the system's enhanced sound dynamics and resolution are three 6.5 cm speakers, one located centrally within the dashboard, and two on the rear parcel shelf. Equipped with wide-dispersion acoustic lenses, these speakers are positioned to enhance the sense of three-dimensional sound in every seat, significantly expanding the system 'sweet spot' within the cabin.

The sound spectrum is completed by two dashboard-mounted twin cone speakers, two 7" x 10" front door-mounted woofers, and one rear-mounted 7" x 10" woofer. The intensity, presence and deep bass of the sound creates a realistic, movie theatre-like soundscape that seems to extend beyond the cabin.