Brussels, Belgium,

Low cost of ownership

— Toyota Optimal Drive offers reduced CO2 emissions for tax advantages in many markets

— Low insurance group ratings through easy-repair design

— 15,000 km service interval for low servicing and maintenance costs

— Three year / 100,000 km warranty

Cost of ownership is one of the fundamental considerations for customers in the highly competitive European C segment, and has been a key consideration in the development of the Auris 2010.


Tax efficient Toyota Optimal Drive

The application of Toyota Optimal Drive across the model range ensures that the Auris not only demonstrates the optimum balance between performance and emissions, but also that its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are amongst the lowest in the segment.

The Auris 1.4 D-4D 90 boasts CO2 emissions of just 118 g/km, and the 1.33 Dual VVT-i with Stop & Start technology only 136 g/km. These significant reductions in CO2 emissions will offer owners a tax advantage in many European markets, including Austria, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands.


Low insurance

Typical Auris insurance ratings in the UK will be Group 10 (1.33l) or Group 13 (1.6l) for petrol models and Group 11 (1.4D) or Group 18 (2.0D) for D-4D versions. In Germany, the same models will qualify for Group 19 (1.33l) or Group 20 (1.6l) and Group 13 (1.4D) or Group 19 (2.0D) respectively. These low ratings have been achieved, in part, by the design development of numerous, easy-to-repair, insurance-friendly components such as bolt-on front end structures and easily replaced headlamp clusters.


Lower servicing costs

Toyota's 15,000 km service interval schedule is designed to offer customers best-in-class servicing, maintenance and repair costs. Component replacement cycles have been extended without compromising reliability, durability or safety, or the use of expensive synthetic oil. The carefully considered layout of the engine bay and component access has helped to minimise labour time and, therefore, costs.

All engines use a maintenance-free timing chain and 45 % less expensive oil filter elements. Thin, long reach spark plugs not only improve cylinder head cooling but are 23 % less expensive.

The Auris also benefits from Toyota's already excellent record of low repair costs. Many components have been developed specifically to reduce impact repair costs. These include headlamp mounting brackets which are designed to break on impact before the lamp itself is damaged and the large front bumper, which reduces damage to the bonnet during collisions.


Oil Maintenance Monitoring System (OMMS)

All three D-4D engines feature an Oil Maintenance Monitoring System (OMMS) which continuously monitors engine use and determines the optimum oil change interval.

In addition, the adoption of automatic valve adjusters on the

1.33 litre Dual-VVT-i engine removes the need to periodically adjust valve clearances throughout the engine's lifespan.

Clutches are self-adjusting, and an automatic tensioner avoids the need for periodic checking of the auxiliary belt tension. Auxiliary belt life is 105,000 km and the engine coolant will last 160,000 km.


Three Year / 100,000 km warranty

The 2010 Auris carries Toyota's three year/100,000 km warranty*, but many components are designed to last more than double that time. The starter motor, for instance, has a lifespan of at least eight years. All engines use a maximum number of maintenance-free components, and even the tyres have been chosen to offer the best balance of performance and durability.

* depending on country