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Prius+ 2012 DPL: High technology equipment

  • Highly efficient electric air conditioning system with intuitive single dial controller
  • Large panoramic resin sunroof with automatic shade closing function
  • Advanced multimedia systems with access to SMS messages and emails
  • Advanced safety features including Pre-Crash Safety system and Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Improved Intelligent Park Assist

As with every vehicle in the new Prius family, the Prius+ is a front-runner in the field of cutting-edge technological innovation.

Its comprehensive standard equipment specification includes highly fuel-efficient air conditioning, a Head-up Display system linked to steering-wheel mounted Touch Tracer control switches, a smart entry system, Hill Start Assist and Toyota Touch -the world's most affordable touch screen multimedia interface.

Just as in the Prius, customers are offered a range of advanced convenience and safety features to choose from. Options include a panoramic resin sunroof, LED headlamps, a Pre-Crash Safety system incorporating Adaptive Cruise Control, Intelligent Park Assist, Toyota Touch & Go Plus and Toyota Touch Pro navigation systems, and a JBL Matrix Premium Sound System featuring GreenEdge technology.


Highly Efficient, Single Dial Air Conditioning System

As in the Prius, the main air conditioning system components have been made as compact, lightweight and efficient as possible to minimise energy consumption and enhance fuel efficiency.

The system uses an electric inverter compressor, allowing the air conditioning to be activated without depending on the engine. A control system coupled with the Prius+'s Eco driving mode reduces the impact of air conditioner activation on fuel consumption.

The air conditioning system features a new, single dial controller, which allows for the adjustment of temperature, mode and fan speed through the simple intuitive action of a single knob.


Head-up Display with Touch Tracer Control

Fitted a standard to all Prius+ models, a head-up display projects key vehicle information on to the base of the windscreen, where the driver can read it without taking his or her eyes off the road ahead. The data presented include a Touch Tracer display, vehicle speed, turn-by-turn navigation instructions[2] and adaptive cruise control system safety warnings.

The Touch Tracer switches are touch-sensitive controls mounted on the steering wheel that let the driver operate a number of on-board features without having to look down or take his hands off the wheel. The switches can be used to select and control the audio system, air conditioning, trip meter and Drive Monitor.

A first in the Prius+, a touch of the switch illuminates a control function map on the head-up display. A highlight moves in line with the driver's fingertip to the desired function, which can then be selected by pressing the switch. When, for instance, the driver has changed the air conditioning temperature setting, an answerback facility temporarily displays the new setting.


Panoramic Resin Sunroof

The Prius+ may be fitted with one of the world's largest panoramic sunroofs, which has an opening size about two and half times that of the standard Prius. The two-part sunroof is the first to be fabricated by Toyota in resin, and incorporates a hard surface coating to prevent deterioration by scratching or ultraviolet light.

The use of resin - combined with the elimination of a base structure and the adhesion of the resin panel directly to the body work itself - has reduced the weight of the sunroof by some 40% compared to that of a standard glass alternative. This not only improves fuel efficiency, but also, by helping to significantly lower the Prius+'s centre of gravity, enhances the vehicle's dynamic abilities.

Because resin is a more highly efficient thermal insulator than glass, the new panoramic sunroof offers an 84% improvement in heat insulation across its surface over a comparable glass roof. Further improving thermal efficiency, a door lock-linked automatic shade closing function helps prevent the build-up of cabin temperature during parking in hot weather.


Toyota Touch

Fitted as standard in the Prius+, Toyota Touch is a 6.1 inch, full colour, touch-screen interface which represents a new approach to affordable, on-board multimedia systems.

It incorporates AM/FM radio with enhanced FM reception through the first use of two tuners, a CD/MP3 player, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity with a music streaming facility, and a USB port for the connection of portable music players, with the facility to display iPod album cover art. Both the hybrid drive system Energy Monitor and fuel consumption information can be displayed, and in addition, a rear view camera is fitted as standard[3].


Toyota Touch & Go Plus

Building on the Toyota Touch multimedia base unit, Toyota Touch & Go Plus equips the new Prius+ with an optional navigation system which includes all the most popular navigation functions, such as advanced traffic coverage, customisable speed limits, speed camera warnings, 3D city models and landmarks.

Using a compatible mobile phone, via Bluetooth, the system offers on-board connectivity to Google Local Search —the largest and most up-to-date search database in the world. Via Google Maps, destinations may be input remotely from home or office, and Points of Interest may be downloaded for entry as destinations.

Equipped with voice recognition, which includes a 'text-to-speech' message readout facility, Toyota Touch & Go Plus expands the functionality of the navigation and audio systems. It allows the driver to input a full destination, make a phone call, or to pick a specific song from a connected iPod with a single voice command.

The system will also display SMS text messages, emails and calendars depending on Bluetooth mobile phone compatibility.

Toyota Touch & Go Plus has been designed specifically to be both flexible and affordable. The system can be up-dated with the newest functions, as they become available. Available from launch, a Touch & Go Plus Apps function will provide fuel price, weather and parking space information. Thereafter, new App options will be rolled out, accessible via a web portal.


Toyota Touch Pro

The premium quality Toyota Touch Pro features a high-resolution 7.0 inch touch-screen interface with a 'home' screen, at-a-glance function displaying the most relevant air-conditioning, audio and navigation information.

It offers a comprehensive range of advanced features including voice recognition, automatic map zoom at intersections, 3D city model and landmark graphics, an on-line Points Of Interest search facility and a supplementary driver's navigational guidance head-up display.

The system also provides access to SMS messages and emails, and includes a 'text-to-speech' message readout facility. An HSD system Energy Monitor, fuel consumption information and a rear camera with dynamic guidance lines to help manoeuvring in confined spaces are fitted as standard.

Toyota Touch Pro also incorporates DAB/DAB+/DMB digital radio as standard, making it compatible with a new advanced Transport Protocol Export Group (TPEG) traffic information service. Based on a digital communication channel, TPEG represents a significant improvement over existing, RDS-TMC analogue systems because it can carry far more information.

Not only will its pin-point accuracy enable better navigation routing, but it will also supplement a basic traffic event and flow service with information on parking availability and fuel prices, adding additional information including speed limits and weather thereafter.


JBL GreenEdge Premium Sound System

The Prius+ introduces another Toyota first a new, 8-speaker JBL Premium Sound System which features GreenEdge technology. GreenEdge technologies are engineered holistically to ensure that the speakers, amplifier, equalization and even component placement work together as a cohesive and efficient system, combining low electricity consumption with high sound quality.

At the heart of the system is a JBL GreenEdge amplifier, which is 66% smaller and lighter than comparable units. Because the amplifier's Tracking Power Technology measures audio input in real time, only the necessary electricity is provided to the amplification circuit. This greatly reduces heat loss, and effects a 50% reduction in current drawn from the vehicle's alternator.

High-efficiency JBL GreenEdge speakers generate twice the sound output levels of conventional speakers for the same power consumption. They feature custom designed acoustic lenses to spread a more powerful sound across an even wider frequency range.


Advanced Pre-Crash Safety System with Adaptive Cruise Control

An Advanced Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) system employs a millimetre wave radar sensor to scan the road ahead, recognising potentially dangerous objects and assisting the driver in reducing the chances of a collision.

If there is a high possibility of a collision, PCS will alert the driver and, when he begins to brake, provide braking assistance to supplement his own braking effort, simultaneously activating the seatbelt pre-tensioners. If the driver does not brake and a collision is inevitable, the system will automatically apply the brakes to reduce impact speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works in tandem with the PCS system. ACC will automatically maintain a selected distance from the vehicle in front. Once the road ahead is clear, the Prius+ automatically returns to its original cruising speed.


Intelligent Park Assist

The new Prius+ may be equipped with an improved version of Intelligent Park Assist fitted to the standard Prius an Easy Set function making it easier and significantly quicker to use.

The system uses a rear camera and ultrasonic sensors on the front side-bumper to identify viable reverse and parallel parking spaces. It will then automatically apply the correct sequence of steering angles for the parking manoeuvre into the target space all the driver needs do is control the vehicle's speed.

[2] Only when equipped with Toyota Touch Pro

[3] excluding Entry grade