Brussels, Belgium,

Revolutionary compact hybrid powertrain for the new Yaris Hybrid

  • Downsized full hybrid powertrain debuts in new Yaris Hybrid
  • No compromise on full hybrid driving experience
  • Clever packaging maintains Yaris principle of ‘Small Outside, Big Inside’

The introduction of the all-new Yaris Hybrid marks the first time customers in the B-Segment will be able to enjoy the quiet, low emissions refinements of Toyota's acclaimed Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) technology. The cleverly packaged Yaris Hybrid delivers a 'no compromise' full hybrid driving experience.

The Yaris Hybrid is equipped with a newly developed, lighter and more compact full hybrid powertrain — a combination of a petrol engine and an electric motor — with a total power output of 100 DIN hp.

Extensive efforts in research and development means the full hybrid offering keeps true to the original principles of the Yaris: Small Outside, Big Inside.

Yaris Hybrid features the latest advances in HSD technology through downsizing of key hybrid components. For instance, the newly developed 1.5-litre Atkinson Cycle petrol engine is 16.5 kg lighter and 10% more compact than the 1.8-litre unit found in the Auris Hybrid. The smaller, lighter hybrid powertrain helps Toyota's engineers to preserve the interior and boot space of the conventional model.

The new powertrain also promises to offer B-segment customers class leading CO2, NOx and particulate emissions, minimised fuel consumption and low cost of ownership benefits overall.

Other key HSD components such as the electric motor, the Power Control Unit (PCU) and the transaxle also underwent weight and size reduction. The electric motor is now 20% more compact while the PCU is 12% smaller than the unit equipped in the Auris Hybrid. Toyota's engineers also shortened the transaxle by 6%, while shedding 11 kg of weight.

Special attention was given to the placement and size of the Nickel Metal Hydride battery and fuel tank to maintain cabin roominess for rear seat passengers and boot space. The new, no compromise packaging means that the battery and fuel tank are now located under the rear seat bench with zero intrusion into the boot compartment.