Brussels, Belgium,

The new Yaris Hybrid: An unbeatable value proposition in the b-segment

— Competitively priced

— Urban cycle fuel consumption of only 3.1 l/100 km

— Low maintenance costs

— No powertrain clutch, starter motor, alternator belt or timing belt

— Best in class residual value projections

Its segment-first, full hybrid technology offers Yaris Hybrid customers outstanding value for money through an unparalleled combination of competitive price, low maintenance and running costs, and high residual values.

The Yaris Hybrid is competitively priced in the segment, comparing particularly favourably against diesel powered vehicles. However, customer convenience is not compromised, with features such as dual auto-air-conditioning, automatic transmission, full electric drive and stop and start fitted as standard across the model range.

Best-in-class CO2 emissions of 79 gr/km combined with superior fuel efficiency offer customers exceptionally low running costs and, in many countries, significant tax incentives or benefits.

The Toyota full hybrid consumes only 3.5 l/100 km over the European homologation combined cycle, allowing customers to drive up to 1,000 km on a single tank of fuel. At just 3.1 l/100 km, the urban cycle homologation fuel consumption is the lowest in the segment, contributing to further city driving fuel savings.

The Hybrid Synergy Drive® system has been specifically designed for low maintenance and outstanding durability. The powertrain has been designed with no requirement for the clutch, starter motor, alternator belt and timing belt traditionally used in other vehicles. With no need to either service or replace these parts, customers can realise a saving of around 1,5001 Euro over 100,000 km.

And, thanks to the efficiency of the Yaris Hybrid's Electronically Controlled Braking system (ECB), the brake pads life expectancy can reach 100,000 km.

Combining this component longevity with reduced labour times during servicing, Yaris Hybrid maintenance costs over 100,000 km are expected to be amongst the lowest in the B segment, realising an additional saving of around 1,000 Euro.

Rigorously assessed for performance and durability, and backed up by over 14 years of in-service experience, the full hybrid battery is designed to last the entire life of the car.

The new Yaris Hybrid benefits from a three year/100,000 km warranty, extended to five years/100,000 km on hybrid system components. Warranty data from the Prius and Auris Hybrid has already confirmed the outstanding reliability of the Hybrid Synergy Drive® powertrain.

Hybrid reliability has also been confirmed by the Prius' consistent high ranking in both the JD Power 'Lowest Problems' survey and the TüV quality report.

Initial residual value forecasts for a 3-year period and 60,000 km already award the Yaris Hybrid best-in-class status in Germany (51%) and UK (41%). With both Prius and the Auris Hybrid also rating highly in their respective classes, this reinforces the high levels of confidence customers place in Toyota full hybrid powered vehicles.