Brussels, Belgium,

The Wave - Toyota's new global Motor Show Stand Design Concept

  • World premiere of Toyota's new stand design
  • Inspired by Japanese Origami to create intrigue and warmth

Toyota will debut its new global stand design at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The initial concept behind the new design 'The Wave' is inspired by the traditional Japanese paper craft, 'Origami'. Whilst embracing an extremely simple look, the form is defined by a series of dynamic curves, giving the stand strength and vibrancy, and at the same time warmth and familiarity.

Based on this concept, the new stand at Geneva adopts an advanced 3-dimensional architecture, which is completely different from typical motor show stands visitors are used to seeing — creating intrigue and attracting people to explore and learn more about Toyota.

This new stand design will ensure that consumers around the world enjoy a consistent brand experience. At the same time, Toyota wants to respect its key principle of adapting solutions to regional preferences, and will therefore give each region the possibility of adapting the stand design to local needs.