Brussels, Belgium,

Toyota touch, the new affordable, flexible and upgradeable multimedia interface makes its debut on the Verso-S

Verso-S will be the first Toyota in Europe to offer a new, 6.1 inch, full colour, touch screen multimedia system, Toyota Touch.

Reflecting today's highly connected society, on-board multimedia systems are in increasing demand by customers of every automotive segment, regardless of vehicle price or model grade.

These customers require a system which gives centralized control of the widest possible range of vehicle functions, as well as connectivity to external devices such as mobile phones and portable music players.

They place a particularly high value on touch screen operation. This not only simplifies system control, but also minimizes the need for centre console switchgear, allowing for a cleaner, less cluttered dashboard.

In response, Toyota has created a new milestone in multimedia technology for the next decade: Toyota Touch.

Standard on Verso-S as from mid grade, it will incorporate AM/FM radio, a CD/MP3 player, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, a USB port for the connection of portable music players, a trip information screen and a rear view camera.


Toyota Touch & Go Satellite Navigation — Google Local Search and App options 

Upgrading the system to Touch & Go status equips the Verso-S with a navigation system which represents the best value for money on the market. It includes all the most popular navigation functions, such as advanced traffic coverage, customisable speed limits and speed camera warnings.

The new system not only offers drivers a choice of the fastest or shortest route to their destination, but also the one with the smallest environmental impact. An 'Ecological' route option has been designed to minimise the emissions and fuel consumption over the course of the journey.

With a compatible mobile phone, users have on-board connectivity to Google Local Search —the largest and most up-to-date search database in the world.

Via Google Maps, destinations may be input remotely from home or office, and Points of Interest may be downloaded for entry as destinations.

System connectivity with a mobile phone enables the owner's phone book to be used as a source of addresses to set as destinations. In addition, owners can manage their SMS messages through Touch & Go reading messages and replying with customisable templates. The system will also display any contact pictures stored on the mobile phone.

Designed by Toyota, Touch & Go is flexible and affordable. The system can be up-dated with the newest functions without the need to up-grade the multimedia base unit.

A Touch & Go Apps facility will make fuel price, weather and parking space information available later in 2011. Thereafter, new App options will be rolled out, accessible via a web portal they will include 3D map viewing, map updates, and software updates as they become available.

Toyota Touch & Go will become available throughout the Toyota model range, in a variety of versions, from 2011.

Taking multimedia systems into the next decade, Toyota Touch brings a new generation of affordable, user-friendly, touch screen interface technology to a broader customer base than ever before.