Brussels, Belgium,

Unique AYGO art car at the 2014 Paris Motor Show

  • Unique, on the spot AYGO design executions by street artists and Toyota stand visitors
  • A new design execution each day
  • Extension of the road-going model's clever personalisation possibilities

The Toyota stand will feature a unique AYGO art car throughout the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

Starting each morning as a plain white vehicle, the AYGO art car's bodywork, wheels and windows will be decorated by 3 renowned French street artists Monsta, Stom500 and Ekiem. Toyota stand visitors will have the opportunity to support the artists and actively contribute to creating a unique, customised car.

The AYGO art car represents an extension of the road-going model's clever personalisation possibilities.

Interchangeable parts on the new AYGO's exterior —the x-shaped front grille, rear bumper insert, front fender garnish and alloy wheels— and in the interior —the instrument panel, centre console, air vents, shift knob and gear lever surround— can be easily replaced by alternative colours and executions, even after several years of ownership, allowing customers to create their very own AYGO which perfectly matches their personal taste.

The Toyota stand is located in Pavillion 4 at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.