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+38% hybrid sales: Toyota Motor Europe sales in the first quarter of 2016 are greener than ever

  • Toyota Motor Europe sold over 241,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2016, +5.1% increase versus last year
  • Hybrid sales rose 38% versus the same period last year, representing 30% of sales
  • Record sales for Lexus in Europe in the first quarter of over 18,000 units in Q1 2016, +16% versus last year
  • Built-in-Europe Toyota models continue to perform strongly, reaching 72% of Toyota sales, an increase of 1% point versus last year

Toyota Motor Europe today reported sales for the first quarter of 2016 of 241,600 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, an increase of 5.1% from Q1 2015, in a European market still split between growth in the West and Central Europe (+7.9%) and further decline in the East (-10%). Total market share for the group stood at 4.8%.

TME’s sales in the EU+EFTA region grew by 6.8% year-on-year. Sales in the rest of TME’s Europe region (including Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Caucasus, Turkey and Israel) were stable at -0.8% versus a market down by 10%. This resulted in an increase in share of 0.8 percentage point at 8.41% in the area.

The sales growth in Europe was driven by another significant increase in Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicle sales, up 38% from Q1 2015 at 71,749. Hybrid sales represented 30% of all sales of TME for the quarter, compared to 24% for the full calendar year 2015. TME plans to sell more than 270,000 hybrids in CY2016 and has a mid-term plan to sell achieve 50% hybrid sales by 2020.

The second contributor to the strong quarter were sales of Lexus premium vehicles. Lexus recorded its best-ever quarter in Europe, up 16% year-on-year, with 18,058 sales.

What they said:

Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Europe
“Since years, we have put the emphasis on two major strategic directions: hybrid, and the Lexus premium brand. We continue to beat records in hybrid sales, and premium customers are responding to Lexus’ new design and powertrains. We are also extremely pleased with our sales in Eastern Europe where our network is performing heroics in a difficult market, and gaining share.”

Matt Harrison, Vice President, Sales, Toyota
“The new RAV4 hybrid is off to a fantastic start, demand for Auris and Yaris hybrids is showing no signs of slowing down, and the new Prius has just gone on sale in Europe, so we’re on track to achieve our ambitious hybrid targets. With the new PROACE van range and the new Hilux pickup coming soon, the year is looking bright in Toyota showrooms.”

Alain Uyttenhoven, Vice President, Lexus
“The second half of 2015 was marked by an intensive string of new model introductions, including RX, GS F and RC in all European markets as well as LX in the Eastern markets, and we are delighted to see such positive customer response. We are committed to further increase the strength of the Lexus brand in Europe and we look forward to a very successful 2016.”

Toyota highlights this quarter:
• Top 3 sellers: Yaris (56,398); RAV4 (28,246), Auris (41,136)
• Top 3 gainers: Avensis (+45%); RAV4 (+15%); Auris (+15%)
• Top 3 hybrids: Auris Hybrid (24,021); Yaris Hybrid (21,320); RAV4 (8,117)
• Top 3 hybrid gainers: Prius (+66%); Auris Hybrid (+33%); Yaris Hybrid (+14%)
• Total hybrid sales: 59,608 (+43% year-on-year)
• Hybrid mix: 27%

Lexus highlights this quarter:
• Top 3 sellers: NX (6,315); RX (4,024); CT200h (2,445)
• Top 3 gainers: LX (+165%); RX (+155%); RX Hybrid (+92%)
• Top 3 hybrids: NX Hybrid (4,672); RX Hybrid (2,362); CT200h (2,445)
• Top 3 hybrid gainers: RC Hybrid (new); RX Hybrid (+92%); GS Hybrid (+20%);
• Total hybrid sales: 12,141 (+15% year-on-year)
• Hybrid mix: 67%

Table 1 – TME(1) Q1 sales in 2016

TOYOTA 223,541
  AYGO 25,363
  Yaris (incl. Yaris Hybrid) 56,398
      Yaris Hybrid 21,320
  Auris TTL (incl. Auris Hybrid) 41,136
      Auris Hybrid 24,021
  Corolla 16,477
  Verso 9,690
  Avensis 11,169
  Verso-S 474
  Prius Family 5,949
  Prius 3,744
  Prius+ 2,066
  Prius Plug-in Hybrid 139
  Mirai 12
  Camry 6,603
GT86 415
RAV4 (incl. RAV4 Hybrid) 28,246
RAV4 Hybrid 8,117
Highlander 125
Land Cruiser 10,391
Hilux 8,710
Proace 1,964
Hiace 64
Other models 355
LEXUS 18,058
CT 200h 2,445
IS (incl. IS hybrid) 1,854
  IS hybrid 1,644
ES 475
GS (incl. GS hybrid) 697
  GS hybrid 584
LS (incl. LS hybrid) 45
  LS hybrid 23
NX (incl. NX hybrid) 6,315
  NX hybrid 4,672
RX (incl. RX hybrid) 4,024
  RX hybrid 2,362
RC (incl. RC hybrid) 534
  RC hybrid 411
Other models 1,669
















































(1) Toyota Motor Europe is responsible for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey and Russia as well as Israel and a number of Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan).
Models listed in italics are produced locally at Toyota’s European manufacturing facilities.