Köln, Germany,

Koji Sato comment for the 6 Hours of Fuji


World title for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing after Fuji win

Today, many fans were watching the race and waving TGR flags. I myself was watching the race from the pit, and it was very reassuring to see the enthusiastic support and smiling faces of everyone in the grandstand directly in front of me, even though the race was so tough. I think it was a great source of encouragement for the team to take on the challenges of this race, so I really appreciate all our fans here.

What I realized at this race was the team strength that has been built under Team Principal Kamui. Because they are able to communicate on a daily basis, they can think for themselves and act independently for the benefit of the team. The combination of such actions by each individual gave us the strength to win the close battle in the end.