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Akio Toyoda comment for the 1000 Miles of Sebring


The 2022 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) has begun, and the second year of the Hypercar challenge has begun. In the first race in which Kamui became the team representative, car No. 7, which he himself rides, crashed, and car No. 8 continued to run until the end, but could not win.

What will the whole team improve for the next spa and Le Mans in June? I hope that all drivers, engineers, and mechanics will think and do action. 

I was afraid of the accident of car 7, but Jose's body was safe. That was really fortunate. The crash is not the fault of anyone. I'm sure there is something we can learn from here as well. I hope that drivers will be able to create cars that can be driven with confidence. 

I have also heard that strict balance of performance had been adopted. If you aim for victory and try to overcome this, the evolution of technology and skills will be born there. Let's continue to make ever-better cars from the race. 

I watched the video of the meeting immediately after the race where everyone gathered around Kamui who became the team representative. I am grateful that Kamui took the initiative in initiating this kind of communication. I can say anything I noticed ... Thank you for doing something ... It may be obvious, but what I expect is to build such a "family" team. Dual role with the driver may be difficult, but please continue to play the role of team representative. 

This team will continue to evolve. The stronger the team, the stronger and faster the car. Thank you for your warm support this season as well. 

Akio Toyoda
Team Founder, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing.

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