Cologne, Germany,

Akio Toyoda comment for the Monza 6 Hours


Kamui, Mike, José,
Congratulations for winning! I'm glad that Car 7 won its first victory with the new car! And I was a little relieved that you finally won.

However, even Car 7 did not finish without trouble. The sister Car 8 had various troubles and lost a lot of time. We were not able to prepare a car that you can drive without reliability concerns so I'm sorry to all the drivers.

But, the GR010 HYBRID is a car that has just started the process of development through racing. The troubles were obvious in the race. There are good and bad types of trouble; the good ones help us to learn but any bad ones should be solved by Le Mans next month.

No matter how much preparation is done, the unexpected can always happen in a race. Kazuki stopped just minutes before the end in 2016. Kamui had a problem at the exit of the pit lane a year later. We have experienced unexpected events often.

To all team members,
Please listen the voice of the drivers, who are the ones ‘talking’ with the car and the road. That is only way to make the car stronger. Please make an ever-better car for the drivers to fight with an easier and better feeling.

Kazuki, Séb, Brendon, Kamui, Mike, José,
Your voices will strengthen the car. Whenever you hear even the smallest voice from the car, tell the mechanics or engineers.

Let's make this car much stronger, as one team.


Akio Toyoda
Team Founder, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing.



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