B-segment revolution begins: yaris hybrid production starts in france

Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) today began production of the all-new Yaris Hybrid. The first car to come off the production line is destined for a customer in northern France. Production at Toyota's French manufacturing facility was first announced in September 2010. TMMF is now the first French and first European automotive manufacturing facility to produce full hybrid vehicles for the B-segment. The momentous launch is part of Toyota's overall European strategy to offer full hybrid variants for its entire model range by the 2020's.

Addressing employees at the line-off ceremony, TMMF President, Makoto Sano, said: "We are proud to starting building the first full hybrid model in the B-segment in Europe. Furthermore, we are committed to bringing the highest level of quality to our customers. Having the model produced here, also means a brighter future for TMMF and the Valenciennes region. With petrol prices increasing ever more, we believe that we have the perfect fuel efficient product for the urban customer in this segment."

The Yaris Hybrid maintains the DNA of the third generation Toyota Yaris. Not only does the model come with a roomy interior but a compact exterior, the Yaris Hybrid is also extremely agile for the urban environment. The Yaris Hybrid features a newly downsized Toyota Hybrid Synergy DriveĀ® (HSD) system, specifically designed to offer the same rear passenger occupancy space and boot capacity as the standard powertrain model.

Combining low fuel consumption, emissions and cost of ownership with uniquely relaxed and quiet driving, its HSD system proves that driving pleasure need not be compromised by environmental responsibility and low running costs. Its CO2 emissions of 79 g/km in the combined cycle and its fuel consumption of 3.1 l/100km in the urban cycle sets new benchmarks in the B-segment.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing France, based in Valenciennes, North of France, has been the home of the Yaris since 2001. The manufacturing facility reached its 2.1 million Yaris milestone on April 1, 2012. The manufacturing facility and staff have gone through rigorous preparations for the launch of the new full hybrid model. The production line saw some adjustments to the manufacturing process to accommodate the new transmission, braking systems, inverter mount and battery installation. Further investment was also made for stamping tools. Staff members were also trained to operate high voltage components safely and to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Toyota invested some EUR 25 million to prepare TMMF for the new Yaris Hybrid, brining the total of new investment into the manufacturing facility to EUR 125 million for the launch of the third generation Toyota Yaris.

TMMF is one of five Toyota manufacturing facilities around the world certified as a sustainable facility. With environmental performance high on the agenda, 60% of all water used for the manufacturing process has been coming from recovered rainwater and internally recycled water since 2011. Before that, in 2007, 100% of the waste management has been upgraded to ensure a clean manufacturing process.

To date, Toyota has sold more than 400,000 full hybrid vehicles in Europe and the sales pace continues to accelerate.