Consolidating toyota’s presence in europe

  • Yaris 5% segment share contributed to increased Toyota sales throughout Europe
  • New Yaris builds on key model strengths with a more dynmaic design, improved sensory quality and affordable multimedia connectivity
  • Efficient powertrains, innovative transmission and greater agility
  • Improved built-in quality from Toyota Motor Manufacturing France

The launch of this third generation Yaris adds a new chapter to the model's ongoing European success story. Over the last decade, the Yaris has consistently enjoyed a segment share of more than 5%. It has been a strong contributor to the increase in Toyota sales throughout Europe, boosting the brand image and becoming a key pillar of the company's European manufacturing operations.

The new Yaris will compete in the B-segment which —with a 26% share of the total market, equating to some 4 million sales per annum— remains the most important sales arena of the European automotive market. This segment is currently dominated by petrol-engined vehicles, which represent more than two thirds of the mix.

Over the last few years, fragmentation has accelerated within the B-segment, due to the introduction of an increasing diversity of new model types such as the SUV and B-MPV. Nonetheless, representing 50% of total sales, the hatchback remains the segment's most important, and best-selling, bodystyle.

With the continued increase in fuel costs and CO2 taxation levels instigating downsizing by customers from other segments, B-segment sales are expected to remain stable in the immediate future.

The second generation Yaris is praised for its interior roominess, durability, versatility, engine efficiency and ease of driving in the urban environment. The new Yaris will consolidate all the strengths of the previous generation vehicle, while offering a more dynamic and sophisticated design execution, a clear step-up in sensory quality, a segment breakthrough in affordable multimedia connectivity, efficient powertrains, innovative transmission and the greater agility essential to urban driving.

Quality will remain a key Yaris attribute. Further improving the built-in quality recently praised in the German 2011 TüV report, Toyota Motor Manufacturing France's close involvement with suppliers from the very earliest stages of production will ensure that every component contributes to the overall quality of the vehicle.

Positioned at the heart of the B-segment, the new Yaris delivers an ingenious combination of benefits. It meets the demands of both progressive, technology-focused customers and more conventional users who place an emphasis on quality, practicality and, of course, value for money.