Kylie Jimenez, Vice President Toyota Motor Europe

Business Reform Sustainability

Kylie Jimenez (she/her) heads Toyota Motor Europe’s sustainability and ESG operations.

She joined Toyota Motor Europe (TME) in 2021 as Vice President of People and Innovation. 

In July 2021, Kylie was promoted to Senior Vice President for People & Innovation, Information, Technology & Digital and Corporate Affairs.

Since January 2024, Kylie’s role strongly focuses on optimising Toyota’s sustainability performance in the European region to the level of global leader across Toyota.

In her previous role as Regional Human Resources and Administration Officer in Toyota Latin America and Caribbean region (TLAC), Kylie and her team have set innovative and strategic approaches to set the organization up for long-term growth and profitability.

Kylie has over 20 years of extensive experience in human resources, notably driving organizational transformation and realising accomplishments in the areas of strategy, change management, talent development, cultural transformation and employee engagement.

As head of HR and ADM for TLAC, Kylie was known and valued for her ability to enhance organisational effectiveness through unique and sophisticated HR programming.

Prior to joining TLAC, Kylie was head of HR at Toyota Canada Inc. for five years. She was a key advisor to leaders in the business, and under her leadership, created a culture of transparency, performance and community.

Before starting her career at Toyota, Kylie held senior positions in some of the world’s leading organizations including Johnson & Johnson and General Mills and has worked in industries spanning pharmaceuticals, biotech, retail and consumer packaged goods.

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo. She holds a Certification in HR from Durham College in Toronto, Canada.