Tokyo, Japan,

Land Hopper

  • Three-wheeled electric personal mobility concept, with two front wheels opening up new transport possibilities. A foldable design makes for easy storage even with limited car trunk space. When combined with a car, the Land Hopper expands the pleasures of travel, including touring around destinations.
  • Can be ridden without a driver's license* (by those aged 16 or older). Expands user's scope of travel and supports independence at different life stages, including serving as mobility for seniors who choose to give up their licenses.
  • Compact body size and low seat height make reaching the ground and getting on/off easier. Outstanding maneuverability and distinctive a lean mechanism, which allows the mechanically linked front wheels to move up and down, offer an intuitive, exhilarating ride unlike any car or bicycle.

* Envisioned as a designated small motorized bicycle under the revised Road Traffic Act

Main specifications


Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm)

1,355 / 600 / 930

Wheelbase (mm)


Passenger capacity