New lexus gs: s-flow energy saving air-conditioning

  • Ten times higher performance with reduced size and weight
  • Nanoe technology to purify and moisturise the cabin air

In addition to numerous innovative improvements enhancing the car's dynamics, safety and design, the interior of the new GS, equipped with a series of high-end technologies, provides one of the most comfortable environments for all vehicle occupants.

Among those is the new Energy-Saving Airflow Control (S-Flow) developed with the aim of achieving great levels of comfort whilst saving energy. The new S-Flow system is ten times more powerful than the air conditioning system in the outgoing GS. It is equipped with an occupant detection control function which shuts off air conditioning vents to unoccupied seats. In addition the system measures the ambient air temperature, interior air temperature and insolation to determine the optimal level of air conditioning. The target airflow volume is customised for each seat through Temperature Airflow Output (TAO) control. When the thermal load is large (cooldown in summertime, warm-up in winter) air conditioning is implemented in the entire car to quickly obtain a comfortable interior temperature. Once the overall interior temperature is stabilized, the system concentrates only on occupied seats.

During the development of the centralised occupant sensing control system, intensive vehicle tests in wind tunnel facilities were performed. Additionally the system was repeatedly tested on both test courses and actual roads to ensure it maintains comfortable driving in a range of environments.

In addition to the TAO control, upper and lower independent, multilayer air mix technology has been adopted to achieve an environment tailored for both driver, front

and rear passengers. This allows for example to set the upper air mix for coolness to deal with effects of solar insolation, and at the same time the lower air mix for warmth.

The new system also introduces a 2-tier Interior / Exterior Air Control which prevents window fogging by inducing low humidity exterior air to the upper half of the cabin while maintaining excellent heating performance in the foot area by circulating interior air. This avoids ventilation losses which are characteristic to conventional control system where cold exterior air is induced into heated interior air.

The new GS is also equipped with a new deodorizing filter, which, in addition to the removal of pollen and dust, etc., also removes exhaust gas from the ambient air.

To further improve the air quality and comfort in the cabin a Nanoe system is implemented. When the Nanoe generator is switched on it discharges Nanoe ions which, surrounded by approximately 1000 times more water than air ions, moisturise not only the air but also the occupants' skin and hair. The Nanoe technology also significantly reduces odour intensity in the cabin.