Pierre Masai, Vice President Toyota Motor Europe

Information Systems

Pierre Masai joined Toyota in 2005 as IS Director in the European Sales Organisation, and oversaw the merge of the various IS organisations of R&D, Manufacturing and Sales into one streamlined organisation in 2007, then the extension into a truly pan European organisation leading to the integration of TGB IS in 2012 and Toyota Informationssysteme GmbH (TIS) in 2013 (of which he is now also a Managing Director). 

He developed and coordinated the Telematics activities of Toyota in Europe from the start in 2008 towards the delivery of the segment first Touch & Go starting with Yaris in 2011, the second generation of Multimedia/Telematics for Lexus and Toyota cars in 2013, and is now preparing the next generation of Connected Car activities with his Car IT team. 

Before Toyota, Pierre Masai was Global CIO of Hays Logistics (based in Paris), Managing Director of Hays Logistics Deutschland (in Düsseldorf) and served in the Volkswagen Group for 17 years, including as CIO of Europcar International in Paris and Chairman of the Board of Europcar UK, Head of Organisation and IS at the joint venture FAW-Volkswagen in Changchun, China, and IT Director and member of the Board of Volkswagen Brussels.

Pierre Masai is a Belgian national, fluent in eight languages. He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics (1980) and a master’s degree in Information Technology (1982) from the Free University of Brussels, a postgraduate degree in business studies from the Solvay Business School of Economics and Management (1990), and followed the Toyota Executive Development Programme in 2008 in Wharton University in the USA and Toyota Mikkabi University in Japan.Pierre Masai was born in 1958. His hobbies include jogging, golf and Lean IT.