Tom Fux, Senior Vice President Toyota Motor Europe

Sales, Marketing, Value Chain & Customer Experience

Tom joined the company in Sales department of Toyota Adria, Slovenia in 1998 and held numerous management posts from Sales and Marketing to Managing Director of Toyota Adria.

In 2008 Tom joined Toyota Motor Europe as General Manager Sales Planning. He was promoted to Director Pricing and Sales Planning in 2010 and took Director Sales position in 2013.

Tom moved to Germany in 2014 to take the position of President Toyota Germany which he held for 4 years.

In 2018 Tom founded Toyota Fleet Mobility as a joint venture between Toyota Financial Services Corporation from Japan and Toyota Motor Europe from Belgium.

In 2020 Tom took additional assignment of VP Mobility TME concurrently to his position of CEO Toyota Fleet Mobility Europe, Cologne, Germany. He was responsible for developing full-service leasing and mobility services in Europe.

As from July 2021, he was promoted to SVP of Sales at TME. In this new role, Mr. Fux oversees Sales, Marketing, Value Chain & Customer Experience for both the Toyota & Lexus brands.

Tom is married to Barbara and has two sons Tim and Teo.

In his spare time he enjoys jogging, skiing and sailing.