Brussels, Belgium,

Toyota enhances the all-electric bZ4X for faster charging, comfort and convenience


• Toyota speeds up battery charging performance for the all-electric bZ4X mid-size SUV 
• Focus on reducing DC fast-charging times in cold climates with revisions to the battery heating system 
• New radiant heater provide rapid warmth for driver and front seat passengers
• New rear collision safety system and digital key available on higher grade models

Applying its brand-defining principle of constant improvement, Toyota is introducing a series of enhancements to the all-electric bZ4X mid-size SUV, focusing on added convenience, practicality and comfort.

Technical adjustments have been made to the battery heating system to reduce battery charging times in cold climates using a DC fast-charging power supply. A new water-to-water heat exchanger and a heating adjustment valve have been added to the heating circuit to help increase battery temperature.

Toyota expects these changes to reduce the 10%-80% DC fast-charging times, especially in cold temperatures and below freezing point.

If the weather is cold outside, the cabin climate can be quickly warmed up with new radiant heater, provided as standard on the High grade bZ4X. Installed below the steering column and instrument panel, this provides rapid warmth around the driver and front passenger’s lower legs and feet – occupants will feel the benefit quickly from start-up.

The update programme also introduces a new feature to help prevent rear-end collisions, for example in a highway traffic tailback. Provided on Mid+ and High grade models, this uses the Blind Spot Monitor radars to detect when there is a risk of a collision with a vehicle approaching from the rear, automatically activating the rear hazard lights to alert the other driver.

The High grade bZ4X will be available with a new digital key. Compatible with both Apple and Android systems, this allows users to open and start the vehicle simply by having their smartphone on their person.  The key can be shared between up to five people at any one time, making it simple to give access to family members or business colleagues, or vehicle maintenance and rescue technicians.

The updated Toyota bZ4X range will be introduced in European markets during 2024.