Toyota Motor Europe announces executive changes, effective 1st January 2022

Brussels, Belgium - Toyota Motor Europe (TME) announces today several executive level appointments at its European Headquarters and Affiliates, to accelerate the company’s transformation and navigate the changes required to become a mobility company, built on the principles of carbon neutrality and sustainability. All changes are effective 1st January 2022.

Toyota Motor Europe (TME)

  • Mr. Yoshihiro Nakata, will be assigned Deputy CEO of TME, taking over from Mr. Nobuhiko Murakami who is leaving after three years in the role.
  • Mr. Gerald Killmann will be promoted to SVP Research & Development and Purchasing taking over from Mr. Kiyohito Morimoto currently Executive Vice President, Research & Development and Purchasing who will return to TMC as Chief Project Leader in charge of Enhancement of the Global R&D team.
  • Mr. Ahmet Karaman will be promoted to Vice President, Research & Development 1, taking over from Mr. Gerald Killmann.
  • Mr. Kazunori Takagi, arriving from TMC will be appointed as Senior Vice President in charge of Manufacturing Support in TME and will oversee European (EMC) plant operations across Europe.
  • Mr. Leon van der Merwe, currently VP Supply Chain, will expand the Supply Chain function scope to include Production Control.
  • Mr. Akihiko Shibata, currently Vice President IT&D will be appointed as Executive Advisor, IT&D.
  • Mr. Luis Lopes will be promoted to Vice President, IT&D with the responsibility to transform TME into a leading digital company in Europe. He will be concurrently assigned as VP Connected Technologies.

KINTO Europe

  • Mr. Scott Thompson will join KINTO Europe as Vice President Operations, Business Development & Technology concurrently assigned as Vice President Mobility in TME. He joins from Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) and will strengthen coordination among the several mobility functions.

National Marketing and Sales Companies (NMSCs)

Toyota Motor Russia (TMR)

  • Mr. Yoshiaki Ito will be appointed President of TMR, succeeding Mr. Shuji Suga, who will continue to support TMR operations as Executive Advisor.

Toyota Austria GmbH (TAT)

  • Mr. Holger Nelsbach, currently General Manager for Lexus, Toyota Germany, will be appointed as President of TAT, taking over from Mr. Heiko Twellmann who will take on a new role at TME as Technical Head of Frontline Organisation, Toyota Sales, Marketing & CX, TME.

Toyota Motor Kazakhstan LLP (TMKZ)

  • Mr. John Thomson will be appointed President of Toyota Kazakhstan, replacing Mr. Kit Simmons who has resigned and will leave his post at the end of the year.

European Manufacturing Companies (EMCs)

  • Mr. Erdogan Sahin will be appointed as TMMT President & CEO, taking over from Mr. Toshihiko Kudo who will return to TMC.
  • Mr. Shinya Takahashi will be appointed EVP Manufacturing in TMR, succeeding Mr. Masashi Ishida who will return to TMC.

New Assignments in other regions

  • Mr. Frank Okoisor’s role will be fully dedicated as CEO TCEU





Yoshihiro Nakata


Deputy CEO, TME

Kiyohito Morimoto

EVP, Research & Development and Purchasing


Gerald Killmann

TME VP Research &

Development 1

TME SVP Research & Development and Purchasing

Ahmet Karaman

Head of European Projects 1

TME VP Research &

Development 1

Kazunori Takagi


TME SVP, EMCs & Manufacturing Support

Leon van der Merwe

VP, Supply Chain

concurrently assigned as Head of Manufacturing Support, TME

VP, Supply Chain, TME

Akihiko Shibata

VP, Information Technology & Digital, TME

Executive Advisor, Information Technology & Digital, TME

Luis Lopes

Head of Connected Technologies, TME

VP, Information Technology & Digital, TME

concurrently assigned as VP, Connected Technologies.

Scott Thompson


VP Operations, Business Development & Technology, KINTO Europe, concurrently assigned as VP Mobility, TME

Yoshiaki Ito

Head of Russian Operations, TME

President, TMR

Shuji Suga

TMR President

Executive Advisor, TMR

Holger Nelsbach

General Manager Lexus, TDG

President, TAT

Heiko Twellmann

President, TAT

Technical Head of Frontline Organisation, Toyota Sales, Marketing & CX, TME

John Thomson

Head of Commercial Operations, Lexus Europe, BPO & Value Chain, TME

President, TMKZ

Erdogan Sahin

Chief Project Leader, TMMCZ

President & CEO, TMMT

Masashi Ishida

EVP Manufacturing, TMR


Shinya Takahashi


EVP Manufacturing, TMR

Frank Okoisor

VP, Connected Technologies concurrently assigned CEO TCEU