Toyota Motor Europe announces executive changes, effective January 1, 2021

Brussels, Belgium - Toyota Motor Europe (TME) announces today several executive level appointments at its European Headquarters and Affiliates, effective January 1, 2021.

Toyota Motor Europe (TME)

  • Mr. Marvin Cooke, currently SVP Manufacturing and concurrently assigned as President, TMMF, will be promoted to EVP Manufacturing at TME. In his new role, Mr. Cooke will oversee the operations at all Toyota plants across Europe, the Toyota Production System, Logistics, Production Control and Production Engineering.
  • Mr. Katsutoshi Nishimoto, currently Lead Coordinating Executive Manufacturing at TME, concurrently assigned as VP Toyota Production System at TME, will be promoted to SVP EMCs and Manufacturing Support at TME, where he will have responsibility over the Toyota Production System, Toyota plants in Europe, as well as Health & Safety activities.
  • Ms. Kylie Jimenez will be appointed as VP People & Innovation at TME, replacing Mr. Frank Okoisor who has earlier been appointed as CEO of Toyota Connected Europe whilst being dually assigned as VP Connected Technologies at TME. Ms. Jimenez comes from Toyota Latin America & Caribbean (TLAC) where she held the position of HR & Administration Regional Officer, and brings over 20 years of experience in Human Resources.
  • Mr. Thiebault Paquet, currently Director Research and Development, Powertrain, at TME will be dually assigned as Director of the new Fuel Cell Business in Europe, established to accelerate Toyota’s vision to establish a Hydrogen Society. The new Fuel Cell Business will consolidate Toyota’s European hydrogen activities in the areas of Sales, Research & Development and Manufacturing.

National Marketing and Sales Companies (NMSCs)

Toyota Motor Italy (TMI)

  • Mr. Luigi Ksawery Luca', currently Director Mobility & Connected Technologies at TME, will be appointed as Managing Director at TMI, replacing Mr. Mauro Caruccio who will take on a new assignment at Toyota Financial Services.

Toyota Deutschland GmbH (TDG)

  • Mr. Andre Schmidt, currently assigned as General Manager Sales & Marketing, Marketing Operations & Communications, at Toyota Motor North America, will replace Mr. Alain Uyttenhoven who is retiring as President of TDG.

European Manufacturing Companies (EMCs)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK)

  • Mr. Richard Kenworthy, currently VP Production Control at TME, will be appointed as Managing Director TMUK, taking over from Mr. Jim Crosbie.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF)

  • Mr. Jim Crosbie, currently Managing Director at TMUK, will be appointed as President of TMMF, replacing Mr. Marvin Cooke.





 Marvin Cooke

SVP, Manufacturing, TME, concurrently assigned as President, TMMF

EVP, Manufacturing, TME, concurrently assigned to VP, Production Control, TME

 Katsutoshi Nishimoto

LCE, Manufacturing, TME concurrently assigned VP, Toyota Production System, TME

SVP, European Manufacturing Companies & Manufacturing Support, TME

 Kylie Jimenez

HR & Administration Regional Officer, Toyota Latin America & Caribbean

VP, People & Innovation, TME

 Thiebault Paquet

Director Research and Development, Powertrain, TME

Director Research and Development, Powertrain, TME, concurrently assigned as Director Fuel Cell Business, TME

Luigi Ksawery Luca'

Director Mobility & Connected Technologies, TME

 Managing Director, TMI

 Mauro Caruccio

Managing Director, TMI

Toyota Financial Services

Andre Schmidt

General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Marketing Operations & Communications, TMNA

 President, TDG

 Alain Uyttenhoven

President, TDG


 Richard Kenworthy

VP, Production Control, TME

 Managing Director, TMUK

Jim Crosbie

Managing Director, TMUK

 President, TMMF