Toyota Motor Europe kicks off the first Toyota Startup Accelerator program with the five award winning startups in inclusive mobility

  • The five winners of Toyota’s Startup Awards have started their four-month business training led by ISDI Accelerator to help them boost their businesses
  • Between July 13 and 23, startups are taken through an immersive bootcamp fostering hands-on, interactive and engaging contents in very diverse domains of expertise, tailored to their individual needs
  • The Accelerator program is embedded in Toyota’s ultimate goal of realising “Mobility for All”

Brussels, Belgium - July 15, 2020 – Toyota believes that when people are free to move, anything is possible. Our vision of “Mobility for All” is to offer integrated mobility solutions to everyone, including those with physical impairments, ensuring a more open and inclusive society that allows people to challenge their potential. In view of finding innovative solutions from the startup ecosystem in the area of inclusive mobility, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has teamed up with ISDI Accelerator. The Toyota Startup Awards competition generated nearly 200 applications from over 45 countries. Finally, five truly disruptive startups have been awarded with an invitation to the first Toyota Startup Accelerator program.

Prosfit (Bulgaria), Seamless Vision (Israel), SociAbility (UK), Wheeliz (France) and ABLE Human Motion (Barcelona) will be attending a “delocalized” premium acceleration and mentoring program led by ISDI Accelerator. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and seeking to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone involved, all activities have been moved to an online environment.

Toyota Startup Accelerator

Toyota Startup Accelerator will offer to these early-stage companies with strong teams and holding promising technologies, a four-month acceleration program. The startups will be paired with experienced mentors hand-picked to meet their needs, who will guide them throughout the entire program and support them in further developing their ideas. In addition, the teams will be provided access to the rich ISDI and Toyota Motor Europe networks.

The journey kicks off with a training bootcamp involving global presenters who will share their expertise and tips to help the startups with their business needs. The bootcamp covers a wide range of topics such as Culture and Talent, Marketing, Investment, Business and Legal, Sales, Product, Innovation, Internationalization and Agile. The startups will also be initiated in Toyota’s know-how through presentations by TME management on Product Planning and Launch Management, the Toyota Way principles and Research & Development technology topics.

This four-month training will be concluded with a final Demo Day where the startups will be given the opportunity to showcase their products and ideas, in view of a potential future collab

About the startups  

ProsFit has developed and commercialised a solution to provide accessible, affordable and comfortable prosthetics to millions of people who would otherwise find mobility extremely challenging. This enables the delivery of high-quality service provision and community-based rehabilitation in remote areas of low and middle-income countries.

Seamless Vision is building a robot helping the visually impaired navigate autonomously in urban areas. It guides users throughout the urban landscape, helps them to explore new places and always brings them back home safely. The technology combines multiple sensory systems with deep learning modules that constructs a human-like perception of its surroundings to enable a complete urban autonomous navigation.

SociAbility empowers disabled people to explore their communities with confidence, ease and peace of mind by collecting and sharing detailed, reliable and accurate accessibility information for hospitality and retail venues.

Wheeliz is the first website dedicated to peer-to-peer wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) rental. Wheeliz enables wheelchair users to rent a car directly to any WAV owner.

ABLE Human Motion is the first lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton that restores the ability to walk of people with lower-limb paralysis.