Brussels, Belgium,

Toyota Safety Sense received ‘SAFETYBEST’ Award


The 31 Jury members of AUTOBEST have awarded Toyota with SAFETYBEST 2017 prize for its Toyota Safety Sense system.

The AUTOBEST jury -consisting of 31 members from major European automotive publications- have awarded Toyota for making its advanced Toyota Safety Sense system standard on almost all of its cars. “The jury was particularly impressed with the pace at which Toyota has implemented the safety package onto its entire model line-up. Already 92 percent of Toyota vehicles sold throughout Europe are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense. This number includes 100 percent of the affordable Yaris model”, commented AUTOBEST.Committed to achieving a safe mobility society with an ultimate goal of zero accidents, Toyota believes that a clear difference in road safety can only be made by democratizing advanced safety features such as Toyota Safety Sense.

All Toyota cars equipped with Toyota Safety Sense feature a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with an urban function and Lane Departure Alert (LDA). For vehicles equipped with millimetre-wave radar, Toyota Safety Sense is further expanded with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and PCS with a Pedestrian recognition function. To further enhance safety as well as driver convenience, some models also feature Automatic High Beam (AHB) and Road Sign Assist (RSA) systems.

Recent studies conducted in Japan show that Toyota Safety Sense has reduced rear-end accidents by 50 per cent compared to vehicles not equipped with this technology.