Toyota starts Yaris production in Czech Republic

  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech (TMMCZ) becomes the second European plant to manufacture Yaris, The Car of the Year 2021
  • Toyota has invested over €180M in the expansion of the Kolin plant to enable hybrid electric vehicle production on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) B-platform
  • TMMCZ will produce both Yaris and the all-new Aygo X

Brussels, 09 November – Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic (TMMCZ) has started production of Yaris – The Car of the Year 2021 – at its manufacturing plant in Kolin. TMMCZ becomes the second European plant to produce the region’s best-selling Yaris, alongside Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF).

The introduction of a second model marks an important milestone for TMMCZ (formerly TPCA) after it transferred into the full ownership of Toyota Motor Europe in January 2021. Toyota has invested over €180M, transforming the plant to produce A and B segment vehicles on its TNGA B-platform (Toyota New Global Architecture). The plant’s capacity is now expanded, and three shift operations have been introduced for the ramp-up of Yaris and the introduction of new Aygo X in 2022.

In the last three years, we have built new production areas, set new logistic routes, installed new technology and most importantly, we welcomed almost 1600 new employees to our Toyota plant. I’d also like to express my gratitude to our valuable suppliers and external partners in the region for their great cooperation and continuous support.
Koreatsu Aoki, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic.

Toyota’s investment also enables the production of hybrid electric vehicles at TMMCZ, reflecting the success of the Yaris Hybrid, which represents 80% of Yaris European sales mix. The hybrid electric powertrains for both TMMCZ and TMMF are manufactured at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland.

This represents an exciting step forward for TMMCZ’s future as it starts producing our best-selling car in Europe. Toyota’s European sales target is 1.5 million vehicle sales by 2025, and Yaris will play a key role in achieving this goal. The introduction of both TNGA and hybrid powertrains in TMMCZ is in line with our strategy throughout the region.
Marvin Cooke, Executive Vice President Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Europe