Toyota Motor Manufacturing France: 100% waste recycling target achieved

Following completion of a three-year action plan, Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) has achieved its target to recycle 100% of the waste products emanating from its industrial and housekeeping processes. Having already achieved zero waste to landfill since the site opened in 2001 and a 50% reduction in the total amount of waste generated, TMMF has reached new pinnacles by achieving zero incinerated waste.

Today, the manufacture of a Yaris produces 9.5 kg of waste. More than 4 kg of this is directly recyclable (cardboard, metal, oil, solvents etc.) The remaining 5.5 kg of waste is used as substitute fuel (instead of oil, for example) for industrial procedures. This is compared with 2005, when 2.5 kg of the 15 kg of waste produced per vehicle, was incinerated.

"The Toyota Valenciennes factory is one of the first automotive production sites in the world to achieve this result which, just a few years ago, seemed impossible. Once again, Toyota is demonstrating that nothing is impossible thanks to a commitment from all teams and improvements in the way we sort waste, allowing us to reach our goal of 100% recycling," stressed Didier Leroy, President of TMMF.

TMMF's approach, closely linked with standard ISO 14001, demonstrates the site's capacity for continual improvement of results, and thus its ability to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. The generation of waste is one of four key performance indicators at the site, which also include power and water consumption, and emissions levels for Volatile Organic Compounds. These indicators are the subject of regular and rigorous monitoring, culminating in action plans to advance the continuous improvement process.

Toyota is especially focussed on taking pro-active action to reduce the impact of the motor vehicle on theenvironment throughout its life cycle: from the design stage, to the manufacturing process, right through until the end of its life — including, of course, the time the vehicle is used.

Toyota produces 1,100 Yaris vehicles every day at its industrial facilities in Onnaing, which are marketed in thirty different countries. 3,900 people are employed at the site.