TME donates latest car models to Zaventem Fire Brigade for practical trainings

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) handed over five of its most recent Toyota Auris vehicles to the Zaventem Fire Brigade on December 10. The vehicles will be used by the fire-fighters as practical training tools for freeing victims trapped in vehicles after an accident. The hand-over marks the first time that fire-fighters will be able to train on the most recent vehicles on the market. Through this donation TME further cements its good partnership with the Zaventem Fire Brigade established over the years.This unique partnership allows fire-fighters to be trained in a more informative way as well as giving them a hands-on opportunity to test new rescue techniques required by more recent vehicles. Furthermore, firefighters will also be given in-depth trainings on active and passive safety systems built in to Toyota Auris vehicles (such as airbags, seat belt pretensioners and strengthening beams).

"We are delighted with our partnership with Toyota and we are pleased to make full of use of these new cars. In the past, we used to train and practice on 10 or 20 year old wrecked vehicles, whereas now we can apply the most modern techniques on the latest car technologies. Additionally, this partnership with Toyota represents an interesting cross-fertilisation between us where we can mutually benefit from our experiences," said Captain Elskens and Adjutant-Chief Mombaerts, who is responsible for SAVER trainings — a systematic approach to freeing victims trapped in vehicles after an accident.

Michel Gardel, TME Vice-President for External and Environmental Affairs, said: "It is in the best interest of Toyota customers that the Fire Brigade is given an opportunity to continuously develop and we are pleased to contribute to this. The trainings which the fire-fighters will receive are part of our never ending goal to guarantee maximum safety to our customers." He added: "For Toyota, this is an ideal opportunity to further strengthen the existing relationship with the Zaventem Fire Brigade."

The hand-over is just one example of how Toyota regularly supports local Fire Services to whom TME regularly provides relevant vehicle information. Earlier this year, Toyota Belgium organised trainings in both Dutch and French for the umbrella organisation of the Belgium Fire Services.