Toyota at the top on VCD Environmental Ranking in Germany

In this year's ranking of the most environmentally friendly vehicles in Germany, Toyota took the top three positions as the overall leader. The list, which the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) compiles once a year, is topped by the new Auris Hybrid and Prius together, with 7.53 points each. Prius confirmed its results from last year. On the third position Toyota iQ 1.0 VVT-i follows with 7.43 points, a slight improvement as compared to the previous year.

Auris Hybrid is the winner of the compact class, while Prius leads the family car segment. Besides these two winners, only small and very small cars, as well as two hybrids are among Germany's top ten environmentally friendly vehicles.

In addition, Toyota shares the top position together with a German brand in the ranking which measures the environmental commitment of manufacturers. For points collected in this category CO2 emissions are of high importance. Furthermore, VCD evaluates the vehicle size and separates cars into the categories "Compact Class", "Family Car", "Seven-Seater" and "Climate Champions". Among the climate champions, Prius is the largest model, followed by Auris Hybrid. Both cars benefit from Toyota's full hybrid technology with 100kW / 136 DIN hp performance and have CO2 emissions of only 89 gram per kilometer.

The environmental ranking is published by VCD once a year, since 1989. In order to achieve one of the top ten positions, best results are necessary in three categories: consumption (measured in CO2 per kilometer), noise and emissions. The highest possible score of 10 points can be achieved with CO2 emissions of 60 gram per kilometer.

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