Toyota Motor Corporation publishes Environmental Report 2011

The English language version of the Environmental Report 2011 published by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan is now available online. The latest report marks the first time, since 1998 when the Sustainability Report was first published, that TMC has decided to issue an independent report featuring a focussed and more in-depth reporting on environmental activities undertaken by TMC as well as its overseas subsidiaries between April 2010 and March 2011.

The Environmental Report 2011 is designed to be accessible to as many readers as possible by being simply divided into two distinct sections: Reading Section and Facts & Figures Section. The Reading Section presents an outline of Toyota's environmental activities in a narrative while for more in-depth understanding of environmental activities taken by TMC and its subsidiaries can be found in the Facts & Figures Sections.

Commenting on the importance of the environment for Toyota, President of TMC and Chairman of the Toyota Environment Committee, Akio Toyoda, said: "Humankind faces urgent issues concerning both the global environment and energy. In short, if automobiles are to remain a vital mode of transportation for people and society over the next century, developing the next generation of environmental vehicles is the most important thing we can do."

In Europe, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) published its own annual Toyota and the Environment brochure in June 2011 highlighting Toyota's current and future environmental vehicle technologies as well as outlining case studies of environmental activities undertaken by Toyota's manufacturing and retailer operations in Europe. This year's edition of the TME Sustainability Report was published in September, providing a more in-depth analysis of Toyota's environmental, social and economic performances in Europe between April 2010 and March 2011. Both reports are available on Toyota's European Corporate Website.


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