Toyota to participate in 20th ITS World Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation will be an exhibitor at the 20th ITS1 World Congress2, to be held in Tokyo from October 14 to 18. Under the theme "Open ITS to the Next", the event will enable exhibitors to showcase the results of a variety of Japanese projects undertaken through public-private collaboration throughout the country. Some of these projects can only be trialed in megacities such as Tokyo.

Toyota has participated since the first congress was held in Paris in 1994. This year, Toyota's booth will focus on four areas: Cooperative ITS, next-generation urban traffic systems, energy management, and next generation telematics.

In developing Cooperative ITS, Toyota aims to come closer to its ultimate goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and injuries. Next generation urban traffic systems will lead to stress-free transportation that enables vehicle users to travel smoothly to their destination. Toyota's efforts in the field of energy management will enable optimal city-wide energy use, supporting environment-friendly lifestyles and high quality of life. Lastly, in the area of next generation telematics, Toyota is endeavoring to make cars that can more reliably assist drivers. These four areas form the core elements of Toyota's vision of a smart mobility society in which people, cars and cities will be linked.

The ITS World Congress is the world's largest ITS-related international conference. Held annually in Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the Americas on a rotating basis, the congress invites ITS developers (governments, research bodies and commercial enterprises) from a wide range of countries and regions to showcase their latest ITS research findings and products through information sessions (including presentations of technical papers), exhibitions and technical tours. This is the first time that the Congress will be held in Japan since the 2004 Congress in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

Overview of Toyota's Participation in the 20th ITS World Congress



Indoor exhibit

1. Cooperative ITS

  • A interactive exhibit will be used to showcase ITS services that have already been launched in Japan, such as ITS spots*1 and Driving Safety Support System (DSSS)*2, in addition to next generation services currently being trialed (for example, features that help detect pedestrians and prevent collisions during right turns, and features that detecting vehicles in the driver's surroundings)
  • The exhibit will also introduce next generation technologies for advanced driver assistance, such as Cooperative-Adaptive Cruise Control.

2. Next generation urban traffic systems

This aspect of the exhibit will focus on "Ha:mo", a transport support system that aims to provide optimal means of transport that are user-, city-, and society-friendly. Ha:mo encompasses a ride-sharing system using three vehicles: the "COMS" from Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. the "PAS", a power-assisted bicycle from Yamaha Motor Company and the "Toyota i-ROAD", a personal mobility concept car

3. Energy Management

There will be a video introducing the low-carbon social system projects being tested in Toyota City, including: energy analysis through the Energy Data Management System (EDMS)*3 the exceptional environmental performance of the Prius plug-in hybrid vehicle and the vehicle-to-home (V2H) system, which supplies electric power during emergencies.

4. Next-Generation Telematics

The exhibit will include touch panel displays that introduce the "smart

G-BOOK" service for smartphones and the Big Data Information Service. These services will enable local governments and businesses to make optimal use of big data, including vehicle position and driving status, gathered by the Toyota Smart Center.

Information sessions

A total of 16 information sessions on the topics above will be conducted, including executive sessions (conducted by Toyota executives), special sessions (conducted by "leader level" personnel), and technical sessions (conducted by "expert level" technical personnel).


Other technologies for traffic safety and congestion elimination

Showcase 1: Next Generation DSSS (I2V)

Safe driving support at intersections using sensor information and smooth intersection negotiation using traffic signal information

Showcase 2: Cooperative advanced safety vehicles (V2V, V2P)

Driving safety support systems using vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian communications technology

Showcase 3: Highway Sag Section Traffic Facilitation Service (I2V, V2V)

Alleviation of congestion on highway sag sections*4 using ITS spots and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)/Cooperative-adaptive Cruise Control (C-ACC).

Showcase 4: ITS Spots (I2V)

The world's first cooperative ITS, supporting safe and comfortable driving

Showcase 9: Intelligent driving support technologies for highways

Next generation advanced driver assistance technologies

Note: showcases 1 through 4 are being conducted through public-private collaboration showcase 9 is being conducted by TMC independently.


*1 Provide information on upcoming road obstructions and traffic merging, etc *2 A system that helps drivers negotiate intersections *3 A system that seeks to assist local energy generation for local consumption using data to link buildings, infrastructure and transportation and adjusting the supply/demand balance of electric power *4 Road sections that dip as they transition from downhill to uphill

1Stands for "Intelligent Transport Systems", and refers to systems that use IT to link people, roads and vehicles, with the aim of enhancing safety and comfort and improving traffic flow

2The opening ceremony will be held October 14 at Tokyo International Forum. Information sessions and exhibitions will take place between October 15 and 18 at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Site). The event is hosted by the Japan Organizing Committee of ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013.


Other Participation and Collaborative Programs by Toyota at the 20th ITS World Congress

Special Demonstrations: October 15 to 19

Odaiba automated driving technology experience

Some of the biggest auto makers from around the world will conduct demonstrations of advanced driving support systems and automated driving systems. TMC will demonstrate its Pre-collision Systems.


Section K of the Harumi-nishi Temporary Parking Lot, Harumi-futo, Tokyo

Post-congress Tour: October 19 to 20

Aichi/Toyota ITS Samurai Tour

Tour includes test drives with wireless DSSS as well as trips to Toyota Ecoful Town, a low-CO model town where ITS technologies are put into practice. Visitors will also tour the Road Information Control Center, which collects and provides traffic data for the Chubu region.

20th ITS World Congress Website

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