Toyota Cumulative Vehicle Production passes 150 million mark in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces that on December 5, 2013 its cumulative vehicle production in Japan surpassed 150 million* units.

The milestone took 78 years and 5 months to reach, and began with production of the "Model G1" truck in August 1935 at Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.'s Automotive Department, which spun off and later became TMC.

As of the end of December, Toyota's cumulative global production totaled approximately 210 million vehicles, with units produced in Japan making up approximately 70 percent. Of the Japan cumulative total, the "Corolla" accounts for the largest share, at 25.45 million units.

Toyota continues to position its production plants in Japan as strategic bases for bolstering global competitiveness, while striving to contribute to global society through the manufacturing of ever-better cars.

Toyota Cumulative Vehicle Production in Japan Milestones



Time since production of first vehicle 

(Model G1 truck) 


10 million units

January 1972

36 years, 6 months

50 million units

January 1986

50 years, 6 months

100 million units

October 1999

64 years, 3 months

150 million units

December 2013

78 years, 5 months

*Includes kits for overseas assembly