Toyota has crossed the 200,000 Yaris Hybrid production mark in Valenciennes, France

The 200,000th Toyota Yaris Hybrid 'Made in Valenciennes' has been produced on October 5. This milestone Toyota Yaris Hybrid, a Pure White High grade, will be delivered to a French customer.

The production site of Valenciennes is churning out more than 300 Yaris Hybrid vehicles a day. Yaris Hybrid production represents nearly 40% of total Yaris production, up from the initial 25% in April 2012 when Toyota's plant in the north of France started producing the hybrid version of its Yaris. The increasing figure is testimony not only to the success of Toyota's hybrid technology but also to the popular Yaris model.

The Yaris is by far Toyota's best selling model across the European region. In 2014 Toyota Motor Europe sold 181,105 Yaris, meaning one out of five Toyota sold in Europe is a Yaris. Among these, a third of the vehicles are hybrids (58,530).

France tops the list of the largest destination markets, absorbing 20% of Yaris Hybrid production, preceeding Italy and the United Kingdom who each take a 16% portion of the hybrid output.

A Yaris Hybrid is equipped with a 1.5 liter petrol engine and an electric motor. Similar to all other Toyota full hybrid models, the battery is recharged when braking and accelerating (without any need to plug in).

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid consumes as little as 3,3 l/100 km* and emits only 75g/km CO2*, positioning it as the least CO2 emitting (non plug in) hybrid of the market according to ADEME testing**.

The Yaris Hybrid has been labelled « Origine France Garantie » since August 2012 and has been manufactured by the 3800 employees of the Toyota Valenciennes plant.

* According to the European measurement cycle NEDC